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Brian's Coaster Project [RCT2]

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I thought I'd share with you some of my best coasters. But I should prolly tell you what actually isn't mine . What's not mine:


Dueling Dragons

Deja Vu


Another Dimension

Liberty Loop

Duo Duelers

Wings of Appolo


And one more thing before you theming critics grab me: THIS WAS NOT MEANT TO BE A "REAL" PARK, NOR WAS IT MEANT TO BE THEMED! If anybody wants to actually "theme" this mangled mess of rails, be my guest.

BTW: the money is authentic no trainer money

Brian Coaster Project.SV6

Hope you like my coasters!

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Here are some of the attractions you'll find:


Here's my lay-down. It's compact and packs a nice punch!


Ahh a woodie finally! The third of actually five GIGANTIC coasters in the series, it has the highest excitement in the series.


The most popular attraction in the park is actually very small in size, but still sweeeeeeeet.


Look for the big ass orange and blue coaster. Somewhat modeled after the Goliath I dreamt about a while back.


One of my 8 "Neons". This floorless is HUGE!


There is a first "Mean Green" but it isn't in this park, but this one is the better of the brothers.


My Twister coaster with hard-hitting intesnity, Knockout!


Here is Freestyle's sequal. It is a bit shorter, but just as exciting!


Here is my extremely compact floorless, with a fire color to it.

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