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Video: and how bad are your eyes?


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Video: and how bad are your eyes?

Incl. a cute guinea pig!


Hey everyone, today I have gotten this funny video! It is a German TV commercial! So I translated it for you into english:

and how bad are your eyes?

Come to a free eye check.

Your optician


I thought it would be funny! However, I hope Elissa will not ban me after watching it!




Do you need glasses?

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^ It looks like this commercial wasn´t the best thing I have posted in the past! So, what can I do to make Elissa happy again...?




heh heh heh, maybe you can give her some fast passes for the Malestrom boat ride a couple countries over from Germany next time she is at Epcot.

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Nice video!


It's good to see that Guinea Pigs have multiple-uses, other than just hanging out in their cages looking cute.


As for Elissa Banning Soren, that's not likely to happen anytime soon.


Elissa likes Soren as much as Robb likes CoasterLou!


At worse she might flex her muscles with a temporary (one week) banning/suspension, but never a perminent one!


Though I guess it's these types of posts that have kept Soren from becoming an TPR ASSistant.

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