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MFI 2006 - Cannon Bowl

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I rode one of these in Grafton Illinois (the body slide version), and it was the first water slide I had ever ridden with a sign that said to put my hands behind my head instead of crossing them over my chest. There is a really good reason for that sign; that ride is incredibly fast! I was in the habit of crossing my arms and legs and and arching my back so that only my shoulder blades and one heel supported me, since that was what I had always done on most other slides. This caused me to go so much faster through the toilet bowl section that when I came back around the first time, I was still at the same level as the hole where I had entered the bowl! So, I went over the edge of the opening and smacked right against the wall, though not losing much speed. That's like falling off of a 3-ft drop-off! My unprotected head hit really hard against the slide, causing me to immediately have a bad headache.

The slide was fun, but it ruined the rest of my day. I think I would be willing to ride it again, if I followed the safelty rules.

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Yeah I had a similar experience to what nannerdw said. We went on the one at Splashtown in Houston...Big Spin. It was one of the body slides. I didn't know any better so I arched my back and rode on one heel and I flew out of the chute and into the bowl and I went so high up onto the side of the bowl where there was hardly any water (dry area) that I started skidding/bouncing and all the people watching were cheering but my back was TORE UP. Not to mention I was already sunburned... Needless to say that slowed me down quite a bit... It was fun just to hear the peeps cheer...but I doubt I would ride it like that again.



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The bodyslide ones are more fun, but are a nightmare for parks as far as safety goes because, you never know how the rider will exit the bowl, head first, sideways etc... This makes the rider prone to more injuries, which is why many parks don't really build them anymore.


The CannonBowl slides are fun, hopefully ProSlide fixed all the problems that we had with our two new one's last year. (Which were the worlds first dueling CannonBowl ride...just a useless fact) The problem that ProSlide still doesn't have fixed on our's is if you notice and look at all the ones they have built, the exit chute relative to the entrance chute is different each year. They are still trying to figure out the best position for it relative to the entrance. And last years version that SFGAM and we got didn't really work out as we both had the same problem with riders in the bowl.

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