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Photo TR: Walt Disney World

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We just got back from a weekend getaway to Walt Disney World. Since the Annual Passholder preview was still going on for Expedition Everest, and that Leanne wanted to ride it herself, we spent the weekend down in Orlando. Enjoy the pictures!


At least this guy is honest.


Leanne was really happy on trying out a new coaster on her birthday.


I had no idea Japan had an Animal Kingdom.


I wonder if anyone will notice us "borrowing" all this money to help fund our east coast trips this year.


After three rides on EE, we decided to walk around a little bit.


Leanne did remember to call 1-407-WDW-DINE to make our Mama Melrose's reservations for Sunday.


More EE items to suck away your money.


Cowabunga Yeti.


Now that's a huge Yeti.


Time for more Yeti items.


Looking backwards from EE's highest point.


The front row will make a pretty cool POV video. Nothing obstructs your view.


This was the first time I have seen another train in the helix while going up the lifthill.


I even got to sit on the very front row from the single-riders line. Even though there were about a 1000 people behind me.


Our 2nd ride only took us 5 minutes to get through the single-rider line...where did everyone go?


Yes, we are sad and pathetic as well.


She still has about 15 credits over me.


Leanne could not care less about not sitting next to me. She was getting a new credit.


A group of Cast Members were showing everyone how to properly use the "chicken exit".


This is the "sad and pathetic..." version of EE.


Dang it, I forgot to bring my underwear.


My Dad had that exact same printer, I believe, around 15 years ago.


Here you go Wes, according to that piece of tape, its a Mac at the fastpass entrance.


While I think the museum is cool, Leanne did say, "Screw the musuem, lets get single rider passes!"


100 minutes in stand-by. But then Leanne suggested something that earned her about 50 points.


The standby line was very long. And all the fastpasses have been handed out.


This was the line just to get into the Everest area. It was very crowded that day.


Notice anything new added to this sign collection?


Leanne was really excited to ride Everest that day.

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Nice Photo Trip Report! Glad to see that you guys had a lot of fun. Expedition Everest keeps looking better and better as these D.A.K trip reports keep coming in!


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Ok onto Epcot pictures.


Here is one for the Stitch Army.


More warning signs.


Are they sure they want to send this group to Mars?


Check out all the Mission: Space rules


they even had a crane out.


Test Track is in the middle of a much needed referb.


When Coke and Chess hook up.


Look at all that wasted soda.


It really looks different in there now.


Until I remembered what Beverly tasted like.


I used to be a happy person...


Oh dear, its still there.


We had to go take a look at the new version of Club Cool.


Let's go to Epcot.

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Erik your TR's are always awesome!


It's no wonder why Mission: Space's line is always so short. They do such a good job of freaking people out over a flat ride that isn't as intense as ones at the county fair.


It kind of annoys me that they do that. I really think more people would enjoy it if they weren't scared away.


--Robb "Keep the photos coming!" Alvey

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Epcot - Test Track - Mission Space - Beverly - The only thing I miss is the German Pavilion! LOL, this is another great Photo TR, Erik. I really enjoy your TR´s everytime! I am looking forward to the MGM and Magic Kingdom pictures!



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Great TR again, Erik!


And you are pin traders too, huh? Hmmm.


How do you do it with pin trading? Do you wait for peeps to come up to you for trading, or.....?


When I did it in DisneyParis, I would scrutenize (sp?) cast members' lanyards and trade pins with them, but I always allowed the kids to come to me, if they saw me with my lanyard on.


Since sometimes I look like "Santa in the off season" (hah), I actually had a few children there at DLPR asking me "what character I was"? A bit wierd, but I told them I was just a Pin Trader like them - they accepted that - and I usually gave them a "bonus pin" and thanked them for asking that question, heh heh.


Hopefully, I ended up being a memorable part of their DisneyParis Adventure.

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Cool photos. And you know what that huge line means at AK? A shorter line for Dinosaur!!!!


The Mission Space warnings are out of control. I too think they end up freaking out people that would be fine on the ride. Telling people "you might get sick", "you might get sick", "did we mention that you might get sick?", "oh yeah, don't forget you might get sick" every 30 seconds or so probably discourages a lot of people.



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Cool photos. And you know what that huge line means at AK? A shorter line for Dinosaur!!!!


The Mission Space warnings are out of control. I too think they end up freaking out people that would be fine on the ride. Telling people "you might get sick", "you might get sick", "did we mention that you might get sick?", "oh yeah, don't forget you might get sick" every 30 seconds or so probably discourages a lot of people.




Heh heh heh...Dinosaur. Leanne just hates that ride so no Dinosaur for us that day...

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Surely that's gonna make you feel more queasy even before you get to the ride. It's almost like they're encouraging people to be sick!


Great photos Erik, just over 6 weeks to go now!

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More Epcot.


I wonder if they would mind if I borrowed this so I could drive to our car.


We had a nice time at Epcot...as always.


Hi Patrick.


Where are Robb and Elissa?


The Soarin line was a bit shorter so we took in a ride.


So we went back to Seasons in The Land pavilion. My dinner did have items from three of the four foods groups.


The service at Mexico was dreadful. We gave up after they only were able to serve 5 people in 20 minutes.


I can count Spaceship Earth as a credit...right?


Though I would have preferred to stop here.


This is where we stopped the first time on the ride.


So we headed on over to everyone's favorite dark ride.


I think the longest I am willing to wait for Soarin is about 20 minutes.


We decided to ride Mission: Space one more time.

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Those photos of EE are awesome!


You're the first person I've seen photos of that ride from who didn't just point the camera where they WANTED you to see.

The view of the helix is great, as is that one from the highest point... cause I can see walkways and escape routes.. which are exciting to me for some unknown reason


Great stuff



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Ok...it is time for Disney/MGM.


Coming soon....


I guess someone really is a Disney fan.


But it was still very tasty...and still on the menu.


The tomatoes were certainly a lot smaller than last October. I guess its the season.


I hate it when a theme park reminds you of work.


Mmmmmmm...Mama Melrose's time. Thanks R&E for showing us this place.


Oops! Looks like Leanne just got fired.


This lady stopped the coaster for a little while because the seat next to her had a little bit of slime on it.


Look! Someone got an extra job at Rock n Rollercoaster.


Can Leanne be submitted for the month of January?


Yep, someone has fiddled with some of the Tower's theming.


I think everyone was at Animal Kingdom this morning.


Ok, its time for the best ride at Walt Disney World. Well, in my opinion.


WoW! This is a real hidden Mickey.


You got to love the tram ride.


We really like Disney/MGM.

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OK onto the Magic Kingdom


A bunch of hours later it was time to take the tram back to our car. Videos are coming soon.


Well, since it was Leanne's birthday, we did take in this show.


This was the first time I noticed that the castle image on the castle actually changes.


Splash Mountain just came off another referb...It was running really great today.


Fast Passes are your best friends when it comes to the mountain trio.


Anyone else think that Snow White looks pretty scary?


This pretty looking bird was looking for some food.


Can I count that as a credit?


This attraction is also known as, "The Personal Hell of Dave Thomas"


Right into the Tunnel of Love.


We really like the Peoplemover. Go ahead and make fun of us, we do not care.


Is it me, or did Space Mountain recently receive a new paint job.


Buzz is in the middle of a referb. Maybe they will detach the laserguns from the ride vehicles.


Sorry Stitch Army, but your attraction is not very good. And it looks like the public agrees.


For all you Virtual Magic Kingdom fans. This is its headquarters.


In case you had no idea what the castle looks like.

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This attraction is also known as, "The Personal Hell of Dave Thomas"


Dude, you are so not kidding!!! I still say you could torture information out of criminals with that ride.


These photos are really making me want to go back to FL. Maybe next fall...



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I have a quick question about Everest. I'm sure this has probably been adressed in the official Everest thread, but I haven't been looking in that thread because of spoilers, pic, etc. Is Everest open now or is it testing or what? Is it only open for DVC members right now? I'm asking because people at my high school are planning a senior skip day next week and since so many people have gotten rides on Everest, I was wondering how good my chances of getting a ride would be next week.

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