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Pride Mountain

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I have to say it does look good...


I have some serious concerns with the idea of a lift on this sort of a ride. You are talking about a significant additional investment to create that kind of ride system as well as opening a huge amount of problems given the source material. Thrill rides at Disney are NOT based on Disney Animation. You have a serious conflict in that children would want to go on it but it wouldn't be appropriate (similar to the problem with Stitch at MK right now).


I would think that a scene where you are observing the fight between Simba and Scar and then are forced to accelerate over a jump might be more appropriate. It could easily fool most people and would fit much better with the ride vehicle system. It would be easy to script as well because with the lightning happening in the final scene you could have a rockfall or a small tree falling toward the vehicle.


Other than that most of the ride should be doable. I honestly don't see any reason why the EMVs don't run outside except for the fact that it gives away the game on how the rides effect is done. To prevent this one could easily have large grasses around the edges of the outside track and keep the motion base largely concealed.

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Didnt disney by some land that was once a strawberry farm almost right next door to the disneyland resort for a new park or something, disneyland cold be making its own animal kingndom and that ride could go there if what i said is true


The land isn't large enough for anything significant, or at least anything that rivals the size of Animal Kingdom.

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That looks really awesome! I enjoed each second of reading your idea! Now I am still listening to your audio thing! Man, I can really see that attraction infront of me! I can´t believe how much work you have invested in this project! I hope you´ll make your way to Disney!



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Excellent attraction idea there! And very-well thought out and executed in the drawings, sketches.


Don't bother sending to Disney. Unless you actually work for the company, they cannot, by their legalities, accept any 'suggestions' for attractions no matter how thought-out or remotely suggested.


It's the old "who thought of it first" legal thing, etc. Copyrights, I guess too.


~ ~ ~ ~


I sent them in a detailed idea for an extension of the original Big Thunder Mtn, in DL. One that would take the trains over the back pathway and into another set of rock-filled configurations, then coming back over to the final lifthill, within the mountain itself - with the mine, etc.


This would all have been built where the ranch now is and other stuff had been before it, like the Notre Dame Village & stage setup years ago for that festival and show etc.


I got my entire manila envelope sent back, resealed and in another envelope with a letter explaining their (then) legal 'situation' as to NOT accepting anything such as suggestions and/or worked-out attraction ideas.


Was crushing for me, but I accepted what they needed to do. And that was back in the mid-80's after BTM had opened (in '79).


Think I still have it somewhere. Who knows? Hmmm....


~ ~ ~ ~


Again, great job in the think-thru and renderings of some of the key areas of the attraction.


This could be an excellent $200 million (at least) Disney Masterpiece, really!


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Cerberus, you are one talented individual. I noticed that you kept referring yourself as being "lame" and having to explain to the rest of us as to why you have so much time on your hands to put together such an intricate plan. If you have that kind of talent and present it here the way you did, nobody will think you're lame. It's those kids with the Microsoft paint and drawing Giga-coasters with 10 inversions interwined into a mountain that are lame. The attraction concept you drew up and imagined is a very realistic model, that could very much become reality. It was almost as if we were all getting insight on a future Animal Kingdom attraction in its project development stages!


And no, don't take some of these guys' advice about submitting your work to Disney. There have been countless instances where inviduals claim to have submitted ideas to Disney, only to have Disney bring them to life, without giving credit or payment to the individuals who submitted them.


You can definitely land a job as an Imagineer, if you really put your mind to it. Of course, it could take years, you need contacts, some industry experience, etc. what not.

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So basically, how you handle the capacity thing? DO you think your design would allow for well flowing ride with only 1 eruption chamber? Or do you think you would need 2 different chamber? Or what? Ellaborate


Very good question. One that I did have to think about a few times.


I figured the whole thing would operate in a sort of "Heavy road traffic" way, with all the vehicles driving forwards a distance and then stopping at the same time, all over the course. Kinda like as if someone was turning the power on and off repeatedly on forty second intervals (The minimum time one would have to spend in the eruption shaft).


Stopping points would be the River Crossing, the part where you take in the mountain for a moment before driving up onto it, the lion caves, scar's plotting cave, the entrance to the first cave, the stall after the handbrake turn... well, yeah.. you get the idea.


However, I did calculate that the hourly capacity would be pretty crappy at about 1400pph... so... er.. Disney would have to invest in longer hours?


That's why I would make a bad imagineer. Lack of realistic thinking and blissfully ignorant of building costs. Plus, I don't have the creative talent to devise ride systems of my own- they're just existing ideas wearing a new dress.


On the point of having a thrilling drop, that was there simply because I really wanted to use the sheer height of the mountain usefully. Some of my original idead were a FirstGen Intamin freefall from the top, then a River Plunge type ride. But the lift and cars seemed like more of a complete attraction. I did however, just like you said, explore the idea of trying to make the cars jump. If I still have the doodles, I'll show you.


Thanks for the comments everyone. If I'm ill again some time, I'll try come up with something new.


As for sending the ideas somewhere, I can't say I would know how to go about that at all. Approach them in a professional way as if showing a portfolio? I'm not ready for a career yet!


That imagineers talent scouting website was an interesting read... but scared me off by being overcomplicated. It seems they have a pretty vivid idea of who they want, and the entry requirements show it =/


Thanks again




Edit: A few people mentioned wanting to see more. Rather than me cluttering the forum with stuff, you can see a few things on my DA.com website, listed in the tab list below*

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First of all I would like to say that you have an excellent design set up. When I got to your art work I was thinki9ng to myself "wait, did I miss something? I thought this guy came up with this himself, I didn't know this was a ride Disney actually planned". Seriosly, that's how proffessional your work loooked.


I was always under the personal belief myself that Pride Rock should have been the center of Animal Kingdom instead of the Tree of Life, it's more or less the animal version of Cinderella Castle, so I always thought it would tie in the Disney theme with the animal theme pefectly. I remember the Lion King show at Magic Kingdom from when I was a little kid, it was where PhilharMagic is now, I still have something from the gift shop from that ride I believe.


The only concern I have for your ride is that it isn't kid friendly enough. Although I would love to ride that, I feel that a Lion King thrill ride may run into marketing issues, since the average teen that comes to Disney with his.her family is looking for thrills, not the Lion King, and the average child who comes to Disney with his/her family is looking for the Lion King, not thrills. I think that if it was maybe a boat ride or perhaps a water coaster the audience could better identify with it.


But as I said, I would LOVE to ride that, so you'd hear no complaints from me, just constructive criticism. I love to design rides myself, so I'm glad there are others out there with the same creative outlet.

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Post some of your other drawings. They really are outstanding.


The Lion King was an amazing film and one of the best from my childhood. A ride like this would be fantastic!

I just downloaded the sountrack you provided and wow! It works so well. Grr I want this ride to be real now!!!


I really hope you get a career stuff in this your fantastic!




p.s come to some more Cf meet-ups! Ghoasterforce was amazing.

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That's why I would make a bad imagineer. Lack of realistic thinking and blissfully ignorant of building costs.


You're too good for WDI for exactly those reasons!


But I do agree that the most overlooked part of ride design is the operations aspect. Designers just kind of say "here's what we're going to do, deal with it" instead of working closer with park operations departments. That leads to things like confusing queues (or queues that are too big or small for the attraction), lots of stupid downtime, and plenty of other headaches for guests and operations that are overlooked during the design process.

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The attention to detail is unmatched!! You have definately found your calling, and I hope someone takes notice of your talents soon


I heard that Disney tossed around ideas for a Villian based park . If it ever came to fruition, IMO this would be the perfect 'Mountain' for it.


Do you have any other ride concepts you would be interested in sharing?

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This concept was fantastic! Keep up the good work! Don't worry about the technical aspects of your ride. The whole design process is a push and pull of, how to do things vs. can they be done?


Also I wouldn't worry about the ride intensity. I think that people who have seen the movie realize that in comparison to other Disney animated features, the film is less than child friendly. I believe they even had to fight for a G rating vs. a PG rating. I also remember the backlash regarding the violence in the movie as well as the sexual overtones. (Which I was missing in your ride.)


My biggest concern. Only because I think everyone is out to get me. Is that your idea is now public. You need to get it registered somehow. I don't know how you would do this as you are in the UK. But there has to be some way you can get some sort of Time Stamp on your Idea, concept and Artwork. For your own protection you realy need to do this. Cause' in my imagination, I see a pack of hungry Imagineers on the chopping block, circling these websites waiting for some naive child genius to unknowingly submit utter brilliance in the form of a "cool" ride idea. Only to submit it to the board as an idea of his own.


I hate to say this, as I realy like to think the best of people. But, having been burned a few times by MTV myself. (Yeah, Ill name names!) People, especialy in the entertainment industry can't be trusted. Protect yourself! This is your brilliant ride concept. Keep it that way.


For your sake, I hope this does come to fruition one day. This ride hearalds back to the old school Imagineering. Keep up the excellent work.


Guy "I was blown away by this!" Koepp

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dude, that is BY FAR the coolest thing i have ever seen. I would LOVE to see that at Disney.. and it would be considered another one of their 'mountain' rides--which fits in even more perfectly. You did an amazing job at paying attention to detail.. you should definitely consider approaching disney with that idea. I can say that I saw the original drawings! GO FOR IT!

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All I can say is WOW! That would make an AMAZING ride! How in the world did you draw all of those pictures? When I looked at them I thought Disney was making the ride all ready and you were just showing the clips , but boy was I surprised! You have a talent and you should use it. If I were you I would submit it to Disney or another company and see what they say. If I were Disney I would hire you in a heartbeat! I would've never thought to put a freefall part in that ride! Its pure GENIUS! Keep up the good work! -Mitchell

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Excellent work--well thought out and presented. I'm not a big fan of The Lion King but I'd line up to ride this bad boy.


Guy has a point. Do what you must to copyright and protect your ideas, lest you become one of those poor souls who sues Disney and becomes a target on Disney message boards.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a presentation to make to WDI. Something to do with lions and volcanoes and hyenas . . .

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I have to say that you are very creative! Everything is really well done. Too bad Disney will not look at it unless you work there. You posting your idea for a Lion King ride make me wonder if I should post my ideas for a "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" and " A American Werewolf in London" attractions for Universal Orlando.

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