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China Construction

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Wow, not only are they getting some new coasters, but they're not just run of the mill clones. Looks like a TPR trip is in order to China, I think 2012 is clear for that so far. I sure hope they have McDonald's there, because I'm allergic to cat.


Yes, they have quite a few McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken etc. I was able to go to the world's largest McDonalds located in Beijing back in 1996. Though a year later they tore it down to build a shopping mall. It was pretty strange that the McDonalds employees asked us to not take pictures while we were in the place. Though I do have video around here, somewhere. Hooray for Mai Dang Lao's!!! Wo yao liang ge ham bao.



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Still not much news on the flier. but i did just come across this.


from that model it does indeed look like a S:UF clone. however check out that themeing


and even if your thinking the models never turn out the way they look. OCT seem pretty damn good at themeing their parks

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That looks like a S:UF clone alright, you can see it turns to the right coming out of the station. I remember seeing construction pics where the track dives under the brake run, which S:UF does, so it's pretty safe to assume that it's a clone.


P.S.-Not that anyone cares, but I found out the flyer has an Atlantis theme.

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Wow, thanks for the pictures!


I'm really looking forward to doing a China trip soon!


Do a whole 'Rest of Asia-Pacific" Trip. Example, got to South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Australia (Hint Hint!), and New ZealanD. It Looks to me that youv'e done most of Japan.


Anyways, i was shocked the other day looking through RCDB at parks in Chiona. Especially since i found a 10 loop coaster

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