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Theme Park Review POSTING RULES!


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Lately we've been having some issues with posts that have been created on the forum, especially from some of our younger members. I know we have a lot of new users, and I know all of you are very anxious to post about your favorite hobby. We want everyone to feel they can post as much as possible and let your comments, stories, opinions, trip reports, etc be heard. However...


When posting to TPR please try to keep the following in mind:


1. Be Descriptive! Your topic title and your description should give some DETAILED information about what your topic is about! Chances are, more people will click on your topic and give you feedback.


2. Use the "search" function. If you are posting about a news item or something of high importance ask yourself "could this possibly have been posted already?", like "Six Flags Astroworld is closing", chances are, it probably has. So do a search first.


3. SPELL CHECK YOUR POSTS!!!! There is a completely FREE spell checker available with the Google toolbar. A typo here and there is completely acceptable. We all are guilty of this. But when someone can't READ your post due to bad spelling, grammar, lack of capitalization, etc, that's a problem. If you aren't a good speller (and I totally admit I would be lost without my spellchecker) download it now: http://toolbar.google.com/


4. Do NOT use "internet shorthand" - Use the proper and complete spelling of words. Do not shorten "you" to "u", etc. You're not messaging on a cell phone, you're typing on a computer. You have a full sized keyboard in front of you - USE IT!


5. Do not post for posting sake. What does this mean? If all you do is respond back to posts saying "Yeah, me too" or "I agree" or "Thanks!" you are not adding anything to the conversation. If you do this every once in a while, that's ok, but we have users here that seem like all they are doing is trying to post as much as possible to increase their post count. Well, there is no prize for having high post count, so please, only respond if you have something to add to the conversation.


6. Don't be "annoying" - For example, if you see that the "fart thread" has been closed, for reasons like "This was funny for a day, and now it's just stupid" don't start ANOTHER "fart thread." In short, annoying members will end up being banned.


Overall, we're not trying to be mean or strict, but the fact is that we now have over 6,000 registered members, and we need to keep the quality of the board at a high level. We don't delete, edit, or close posts very often, but we will have to if these simple rules are not followed.


So let's review.....


Theme Park Reviews Forum Posting Rules:


1. Be descriptive!

2. Use the search function.

3. Spell check your posts.

4. Do NOT use "internet shorthand."

5. Do not post for posting sake.

6. Don't be "annoying."


If everyone can follow these rules, it will make Theme Park Review a better place!


Thanks again for all your support!



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I think we all can appreciate what Robb and Elissa have done by giving everyone such an awesome and free spirited forum.


There is no other place I rather post than here, and my forum, but we all need to respect the rules. There not harsh rules. There very simple and to the point.


I’m sure MANY of you have been or still are members on other amusement park sites. You’ll never see Robb or Elissa bash you for something you have posted and will not try to make you feel stupid in anyway like some other forums are run. A few jokes may be poked at you, but that’s about it.


Respect the SIMPLE rules. Respect the people in the forum. And thank Robb and Elissa when you get a chance.

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Man what's with all of these rules!? What is this a fascism government run by our dictators the Alveys???


Just kidding!


I'm glad that you do like to remind all of these members about the rules of your site.


Otherwise, there would be an endless stream of meaningless "Garbage" posts.


I've been on board for almost a year, so I've seen the membership grow. Which is great by the way!


The more members the better, as far as I'm concerned.


But, you at the same time don't want to see your site become pathetic with posts like the "Fart" post! I mean come on.....This site has to be better than that! Thank God you finally locked that post. As well as the follow up post that came after it.


Anyhow, the future of TPR looks bright! Robb and Elissa keep traveling to all points of the globe, and that keeps our interest going strong.


This site should, and will continue to grow and thrive! TPR Rocks!!!

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just wondering are you going to ban him or where you being sarcastic


No, she was being sarcastic. Wally is a very good contributing member of the board.


Although, you might want to start using proper grammar and capitalization or we will ban you. No sarcasm.

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One thing I'd like to see is for people to stop quoting the person right above them. We just read the post; we don't need to re-read it.


Just use a ^ instead if you are responding to the person directly above, or ^^ for two people above, etc. (And not "/\"---that looks crappy.) If the person you're quoting is, say, more than three above you, then go ahead and use the quote.


This just makes the boards that much easier to read.



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Or queeble with...EBL!


LOL! I don't know why, but I really find that funny!!!


But yeah, the forums have around 8500 members, that's a lot! And rules do need to be enforced. So while I'm posting, congrats on becoming ASSistants, Erik and Eric!


R&E: Did you guys ever expect TPR to have 8500 members? It's a big number, but this site totally deserves it!


--Tyler "Now where's my extra 3-4 days without being banned " H.

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