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Just cause I felt like it. TPR EXCLUSIVE!

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Exclusive inside look at devastated park for TPR members!


Katrina causes Big fish to get caught on Batman The Ride exit ramp!


Fish struggles but just can't hang on long enough for the next big flood.




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Maybe it commited suicide? Must be a hard life being a fish.


The whole of SFNO has just got to totally wrecked. It's sad to see a park go to waste but these thigns happen.


Rest in piece Fishy.

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You can see the watermark on virtually everything in New Orleans East. You definitely don't forget about what happened out there. Here's a little peek from Michoud Blvd of the bus entrance into the parking lot. I believe the lot is being used by fema for trailers.


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"I believe the lot is being used by fema for trailers."


In that photo of yours it sure looks like it.


For those of us unfortunate to have to experience it, we know this as a "staging area".

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LOL, if the rides worked then there would be a lot less of a problem. The latest buzz seems to be that many of the flat rides were leased from the manufacturers, and the manufacturers will not renew the lease on the rides or lease new equipment to fix the rides and will take them a way.

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Well, if SFI decides to pull the plug on SFNO also...then it looks like the rides that can still work will be sent to other SF parks just like with the closing of SFAW.


They should send SFNO's Batman to SFA, so we can finally get a B&M.

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Sounds like the only place BTR is going is Willy Nagin's Chocolate Land according to what the lease agreement says. It claims that the city of New Orleans becomes title to and owns all attractions put into the park using Six Flags' resources.


Some other parks/property that are leased (at least partially)...


Enchanted Village/Wild Waves

La Ronde

Six Flags Mexico

Wyandot Lake (lease is currently expired and I don't think Six Flags has chosen to renew it yet, they have until 2008 to decide)

Six Flags Marine World (lease is currently expired and Six Flags has to make a decision whether to buy it or not by 2010. It sounds unlikely that the city will renew the lease as they want to unload the park.)

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (over half of the land is leased from the fairgrounds)


Some of the European parks were also leased, so they can obviously transfer the lease.

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If only the internet could send smells. There's definitely been a lot of interesting smells out there. From lovely rotting food in the fridge to flooded out homes emitting foul odors, Katrina has opened my nostrils to all sorts of things I could never imagine. Thanks a lot.

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