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Where do you like to shop?


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Target is one of my favorite stores. They have awesome deals on clearance items like the Knex Rippin Rocket Coaster I picked up for $20 (regulary $80) a while ago, and I really like their store design (clean, bright, organized well).

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The candy stores in Disney KICK ASS!!!! I also like WalMart. I came home with 4 packs of gum because you could get 10 packets of gum in 1 pack for $2. That is insane. You pay alot more over here for that.

I also like Winn Dixie because the one I have been to has this coin counter machine which was pretty neat.

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I get an empoyee discount at Target, so I do some shopping there. I usually look out for bargains on the clearance endcaps. If I buy clothes, I do it all at Target

Publix - The grocery store. Usually hit once or twice a week. Many of the cashiers recognize me now

Best Buy - I'm somewhat dangerous in there, but I usually leave with only what I come in for and nothing else. I tend to keep a lookout for bargains.

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