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Wow. So I just realised that I havn't posted an update here in ages. Time to make up for lost time...


Logo by hpg from New Element. This guy is seriously awesome.


Paramount Studios

Here's the entrance plaza to Paramount Studios with The Racer in the background.


MI:III Stunt Show. Damn this took a long time. I really like how it turned out...just wish I had picked some better quarter tile blocks so the textures wouldn't clash. It's not that big of a deal though.


Class 6! At Skeleton Peak Pass

The final drop, the dinosaur research center, an employee access path, and of course, Bat's lift hill/turn around.



The SoB inspired layout. The lift height and drop are nearly 200 feet.


The train is really booking when it enters the loop shown here, but the pacing is fine:)


Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay

The Gold Coast Flowrider, located in Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay.


Hannah Barberra Land


Scooby Doo's Midnight Manor Maze


The Olde Timers let peeps drive around a fake looking farm on a dirt roadway. The best part about the ride is that in real life the peeps would get dripped on by the LightHouse Falls boats directly overhead.


Whew. That's everything. Feel free to comment and critisize.

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Dang, that almost makes me want to start up RCT3 again. But I have two NL projects in the mean time. That's some of the best RCT2 stuff I have seen in a while. This one almost ranks up there with my favorite RCT2 park of all time - Guardian Gardens - which I think it's on rcttown.com

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Wow!!! Great job with this park! ive been watching it for a very long time now, i believe since the very begginning. If not, then very close to when you started. Every single update has soo much detail in it, its simply amazing, and the fact that you have enough patience to continue to work on this truely amazes me! Keep it up! i hope to see this awesome park in its finished state!

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