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Paramount's Xtreme (RCT2+WW Park)

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^By any chance is that park for the JV contest at RCPro?


I sure hope you don't get bored with this park while you're doing the other one. You've gotten a lot better since you began, so some aspects of the park look out of place compared with the other ones. I normally wouldn't be excited for a park that's been under construction for this long, but for reasons I can't explain I am really, really still hugely interested in this one. I'm almost at the point that I want to just go back to the times when I used to post things like "I want this park NOW!!! Gimme the download!!!" But then again I'm looking forward to this new park. But 3 months? You think that'll be enough?

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^Yeah, it's for the J&V contest. I'm not sure I'll make the three month dead-line, but I'd say it will be close. I'm just psyched to really get into this one because my hacking has been getting a lot better, and I've deffinitely developed a greater sense of realism.

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What? You thought this park was dead? No. Not yet.


Secretly, I restarted the project in the beginning of November, picking up exactly where I left off: Stunt City. After the addition of a scrambler and some shops, there was still this huge space left. I couldn't ignore it. But then the big choice. I didn't know whether to fill it with trees and take the easy way out, or go big. I decided to go big. What you see below it the World's only outdoor interactive laser adventure ride: Stuntman's Challenge.


Surprisingly, making this city was a lot of fun, even though it took me almost seven hours;). Anyway, the ride idea is simple. It's the ultimate test as a "graduating" stuntman. Man your copter through a corrupted city, where the XCorp company is smuggling illegal cargo from a nearby port, using countless explosives as cover/distraction. Your goal: disarm as many explosives as possible by shooting them with your laser. Shooting actual XCorp employees is worth extra points. A leader board at the ride's entrance displays the name and point total of that particular day's leader. The leader at the end of the day is rewarded with a guest appearence in the MI:Stunt Spectacular.


Here's a pic of the queue line weaving in and out of the crates being shipped into the city's port.


And with that, "Stunt City-Presented by Labbat's Blue" is complete.


Please, feel free to comment and critiscize as always. Thanks.

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Well, I've been moving along at a steady pace sice last update (which is hard considering how busy I've been). I'm just about done with another one of the park's lightly themed areas, "Iron Forge Square," which is meant to be a small European town square, with a mixture of castles and tudor style architecture. This particular area of the park is home to one coaster and a few of the more intense flats. One of the park's largest restaurants is also located in this area...


Here's the station for the park's Schwarzkopf terrain looper, simply named "Bat."


The King's Court is a full-scale restaurant featuring an outdoor patio area.


And finally, one of my personal favorites. What better way to advertise than to have a pair of Schwarzkopf double loops right in front of the park's bill board?


That's all for now. Park completion is probably nearing 70-75%, and I'm finally less than 10 years away from the century mark. As always, please feel free to comment and critisize.

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Thanks everyone for the comments. I really do read and consider all of them. On another note though, I believe it's time for an update.


Here's a screen of Skeleton Peak Pass, an area themed after a rocky mountain village out west. The area is home to one of the two stations for the train, Ol' 49er, The Giant Wheel, and the Intamin River Rapids, Class 6! at Skeleton Peak (shown below). It's a peacful little area with some nice shops and restaurants.


And here's what I've been spending most of my time on lately...Class 6! at Skeleton Peak. There used to be group rafting tours up on Skeleton Peak, but after the storm, nothing's left but sunken buildings, unearthed dinosaur skeletons, and an array of rapids so intense that they have been said to be classified as class 6! [/end cheesy background story]. Seriously though, it's a pretty huge rapids ride taking up a large portion of the back of the map. I'm still working on the lift hills, but it's coming along nicely.


That's all for now. Please feel free to comment and critisize as always

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Since the back of the park is currently undergoing some guest work, I decided to work on the front of the park for the first time in about 10 months.


I've been really looking forward to doing Top Gun since I first started this project, and although I had to change some of my original plans around, I'm still really pleased with the end result.


Here's the station, queue entance, and the 90 degree turn to the lift.


Here, the trains fly through a barrel roll directly over the bulk of the queue. Better hope everyone has their loose objects secured.


The swooping helix before the final corkscrew over the water offers some good foot choppers. (and I already know the transfer device is screwed up, so don't tell me that haha)


And here's the full layout. I wanted to make it simple, like I figured an early B&M would be. The layout resembles Top Gun at PGA, but it's still pretty different.


That's all for now. Progress on this is moving around faster than ever, so I hope to have it complete by early summer. Please feel free to comment and critisize. Thanks.

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Nice touch, bringing back the old school RCT1 way of theming rides (using other coaster tracks) As for the layout, I agree that its nice but way to short. Perhaps add a figure 8 finale over the water, or another inversion? I could see a boomerang at the bottom of that zero-g before the cork, but that might make the corkscrew itself a bit too forceful. This is your park though, so I"ll respect your oppinions (and you always do a magnificent job with everything...)


Anyways, keep up the great work etc.

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