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Paramount's Xtreme (RCT2+WW Park)

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Alright, its time for a quick update, this time of progress from the "Lakeshore Heights" area of the park.


Here is most of the layout of Demon, the park's signature Arrow custom looper, featuring back to back reverse corkscrews. Look close at the mouth of the cave and you can see the park's sad attempt at theming.


Here is the station and much of the queue area for Demon.


An array of shops and restaurants line the streets of Lakeshore Heights.


And finally, "Hurricane Force," a motion simulator 4-D experience sits off the path. I love how its so nice in the front but a big grey box in the back:)


Well, that's all for now. Please feel free to comment and critisize!

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Time for an update. The funny thing is, I worked on the park just as much as usual, but was only able to create one ride. So, here are some screens of LightHouse Falls, a one of a kind B&M water coaster experience...


Here is the queue entrance, station, and splash pool for the ride. Magnetic brakes stop the boats incredibly fast at the bottom of the 90 foot drop. A brick wall in front of the path is used to create a splash soaking riders waiting in the Wet Zone, which is the red path at the bottom.


Here is a shot of the ultra strong support structure and turn-around at the top of the lift.


And finally what was supposed to be a teaser pic. Oh well.


That's all for this week. Please feel free to comment and critisize!

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Hey guys. Let me tell ya, at first I thought a water park was a bad idea, but seeing just one small area completed made me second guess myself. I'm actually really happy with this so far...


Here is the finished "Billabong Blasters," a slide tower complex consisting of three individual enclosed tube slides: Sub-Equator Splash (aqua), Marsupial Madness (orange), Outbacker (yellow). Riders can choose to ride on single or double tubes on "Billabong Blasters."


Here is Kookaburra Bay, a place for guests to hang out, cool off, get a tan, or stake out a spot to put their stuff.


That's all for now. Please, feel free to comment and critisize.

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Billabong Blasters looks very very nice! But that wall at the end of Kookaburra Bay looks unattractive to me...sorry to sound like an interior decorater, but orange, yellow, blue and purple don't really match.


Great as usual though!

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