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"Dude! Where's my Passport?!" DVD!

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Announcing Don Garrison's "Dude! Where's my Passport?!" DVD!

DVD Info: http://www.themeparkreview.com/videos/dude.htm


For those of you who followed coaster tools "Don & Monica" through "Tools On The Loose 2005" now they take you on a trip to some of Europe's most popular and some very OBSCURE parks!


Parks included: Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Parc Asterix, Disneyland Paris, Weiner Prater, Vidampark, Gardaland, Movie Studios Park, Mirabiliandia, and MORE!


Disc Two includes onride footage of more than *50* coasters from both European and USA parks.


To download sample segments from this DVD, click the following links:




"Dude! Where's my Passport?!" is a brand new 2-disc DVD set under the Theme Park Review "Affiliate Label" program. And with the launch of this new DVD, we are also announcing a DVD *SALE* Yay!!!!




Because everyone LOVES getting free stuff!


That means you can get up to *NINE* theme park DVDs for only $50! That's just a little over $5 per DVD! And if you add a T-Shirt to your DVD order, you can get a TPR shirt for just $10.


To order the DVD, click here:



And for those of you wondering, Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 7 "Around The World With Theme Park Review" is currently in the works and we hope to have this new DVD out in March 2006!


Thanks again for all your support!


--Robb "Now go download those two new segments!" Alvey



ps. please remember that Theme Park Review does NOT use any pop-ups or ads of any kind and does NOT charge for our premium content. The sale of DVDs helps keep the site going!

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The style of video is very different from other ones i've seen but I think the Blackpool segment is fantastic. It really gives you a feel of the atmosphere inside the park and the plain wierd rides you can find there.

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Well, I sort-of promised Don I'd order his DVD, once we got into the new year. And now, that you're offering a brand-new affiliate DVD this month AND A GREAT OFFER in ordering.....



Might as well add the t-shirt to the order too, huh?


Such a deal. I like. Very much. Woot.


(Um, can I still pay you thru PayPal and my Cred.Card? I will be more than willing to add a dollar or two, or whatever that's needed for the "transaction fee" you get -uh- stiffed for, thru PP. Mmm'k?)

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Nice video about the Wiener Prater. And it would have even been better writing the city correct in the videotitle ....


Wein = wine

Wien = vienna


And one other off topic question - are Rammstein still wellknown and popular although singing german lyrics?

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Sorry, can't pre-order Volume 7. It's still a ways away from being done. I would hate to have people pre-order something until it's really done.


BTW, what did you all think of Don's sample segments? I really liked the Prater segment, but no one has said much about it. Was it just too obscure of a park?



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Hey guys! I just flew in this morning, thanks for the great response so far!


Sorry Barry, the Monica-in-a-bikini segment got cut due to length, maybe look for it in a future DVD?


Aghhh...wein/wien...it's always something. If that's the only mistake that slipped through quality control I'll be pretty happy!


I hope you all like it as much as the last one...except for Joe, I hope he gets a papercut!


Oh, and did I mention the full alpine coaster pov? It's like 5 minutes long!



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Hey Don,


I loved the two clips that I saw on line. I ordered a copy from Robb and Elissa last week but havn't recieved it yet. I'm looking forward to watching it soon. If all goes well, I will have a few preview clips for Robb to post here in the next few weeks.


Are you and Monica coming down for Coaster Solace & Rideworld Day At Magic Mountain? If so, I'll see you there.


Talk to ya,


Guy "Great music choices as usual." Koepp

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^A not so frequent reference to "The Jerk." Witch I saw in the theater.




It's here! It's queer! And It's rainbow don't give a damn!


^Sorry, been watching alot of T&J vids recently.




I got it today and am going to watch it ASAP. I will give you my honest opinion as soon as I get another batch of free time.


Guy "I've been waiting all year for this vid." Koepp

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Dude! A great job all around. I realy loved the way this vid flowed. It is paced real well. Your editing skilz have improved greatly since "Tools."


As much as I liked the "Don vs. The Trampoline" segments. I realy wanted to see more of the "Cooking with Don" segments. I missed your mad cookin' skilz!


Congrats on another great vid bro! You rock!


Hey, are you and Monica gonna be down here for Solace? I need a Posse to hang with.


Guy "I don't wanna be tha lone sheriff in town." Koepp

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Hey man I'm glad you liked it! You know, with all the awesome food in Europe I really didn't have much time to improvise on my own.


But rest assured, more cooking show segments are being worked on for future projects. I just need to find a way to fry my own desserts in my hotel room sink...


Unfortunately both Monica and I are working Solace weekend this year. However we will be doing meet and greets/autograph signings at "Green Beer, Cheer, and Fear" this year. If you buy me a pint you can even have your picture taken with me!


Seriously though I hope everyone is enjoying the new discs. We'll be in FL filming the week after "GBCF" if anyone want's to say hi. I'll be the guy with the camera stuck to his face standing outside of a ride instead of actually riding it! lol



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