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What weird things have you seen people do when driving?

Joe Cool

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I once saw a car on the highway that didn't have a driver. Seriously. I was young and on vacation with my family, and nobody believed me. I still haven't figured out what was going on, but I definitely didn't see a damn person in the car.

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It's funny seeing Asian people trying to drive.




The End





"Don't worry, I'm one of them... dammit.." Times I wish I was Cuban.

Those Cubans always have it good... them and their.... systems.

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Well, one moment takes the cake: I was picking my sister up from downtown, she just got off work. When I crossed the bridge and pull pass Heniz Stadium, I happen to glance to the left in time to see some lady doing a Triple-Threat. She was smoking a cigarette, while on the cell phone and eating pretzels...No BullS**t. I couldn't help but think "she's an accidnet waiting to happen."

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