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PKD's Flight Of Fear Being Removed?

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I hope they drop the MTV out of the theming. I wouldn't think it would take more than one season to retheme it.


I wouldn't panic about the rides getting the axe. They're in great shape and just received a lot of work. There's no business sense to removing the coasters.


(yow, PKD has 4 launches now...)

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PKD announced at Eastcoaster that FOF will not be operating this year. Nothing more was said. This news came via some friends of mine that attended. I didn't go this year.


My guess is that they're taking the year to retheme the entire ride and have speakers added to each car. It will be renamed, too, I presume. If the switch is a success, PKI's will probably go down for '07. No sense in making over both FOF's if there is a risk of flop.


That's my guess. Then again, a guy on RRC claims that PKD's is being sent to Carowinds and PKI's is being sent to PCW. So, who knows, we'll find out soon enough, hopefully.

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