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Discovery Channel: Want to lose weight before riding Voyage?

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I'll chime in here about the weight and restraints stuff.


Last year I kind of let it all go. I hit 260 while standing at 6 feet tall. I live here in Orlando and visit all the parks a lot. I got on the Hulk last February and couldn't get it to click. I wasn't in the over-sized seats, but had always fit in the regular seats with ease. This was embarrassing to say the least. The attendant was cool about it. The guy helped get it to click and get the seat belt in and said it was probably the heavy fleece jacket I was wearing, but we both knew that wasn't the case.


This scared me because I was going to Cedar Point for the first time in May. I knew they have smaller restraints than Orlando parks (at least that I had read about) and didn't want to miss anything up there.


I started running about three miles a night and lifting weights. I had no problems at CP and now I'm down 36 pounds and can click several times on the Hulk.


Sometimes we just need a wake up call, mine was the Hulk. I hope the show helps others who need a "jumpstart."


Oh... the best part, the man boobs shrink!!!


I dig!


This past Labor Day (2007), I had trouble locking in at CP on Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. Something about my body shape and that particular Intamin restraint...anyway, I got the belts clicked, but I was shaken by the experience. I totally hear you man.


I went home after that long weekend and weighed in...230. I'm about 5'10 1/2". I started going to the gym, watching The Biggest Loser, counting Weight Watchers points, and I cheered Robb on as he slimmed down for his vacation.


Now it's 5 months later and I weighed in at 193 a few days ago. It may not seem like that much but it's made a huge difference in my life. I can't wait for this weekend, my first ride of 2008 on the Dania Beach Hurricane!



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