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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Photo TR

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Let me start of this TR by pointing you to the long ass car ride we enjoyed down to the Bay here:




My girl, good friend, and I headed down to SCBB for an off-season trip over the weekend. Here are a few shots from our day, hope you enjoy.



The sail boats were out in large numbers due to the windy weather out in the bay.



Here is a shot of the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf as we wandered onto the Boardwalk.



Dipper was running one train for the day, but there was only like 200 people max on the Boardwalk. We ended up getting a ton of rides, with plenty of ass kicking thrown in for good measure. The ride still runs pretty damn good for being built in 1924, (50 million riders later,) so I can't complain.



Dipper's black train cresting the lift hill.



The fan turn of extreme laterals, and bruised ribs.



The lower half of the Boardwalk was close due to rehab, or lack of staff. It was such a slow day it didn't surprise me, but we did miss Ghost Blasters and Cave Train, which was booty.



If you gotta sell Dippin Dots for a living, at least the job comes with a good view. Look how happy she looks!



Fireball was running as nuts as usual. This ride is one of the only spin type rides that can make me sick. I wish the one down at Knott’s had as good of a program!



What's a TPR update without Marini's FUDGE for all the chunky coaster lovers. If you haven't had the chance to taste Marini's Salt Water Taffy, or Fudge you're not being a true fatty!



Sky Glider was down as well, so I didn't get some of my favorite Boardwalk shots this time around.



Bah! The only other SCBB coaster credit was down for rehab as well. If you have had the privilege of riding this just one time, you have done it enough. The only up side to Hurricane is the extreme banking, and lap bars that save your noggin.



Hurricane's trains wrapped up from the weather.



Even kiddies need rehab sometimes, (random I know, almost as cool as a pile of dirt.)



The classic 1911 Looff carousel, with working ring toss, (gotta love being left handed and throwing over the horse.) Needless to say, I suck at the ring toss.



The original 342-pipe band organ.



The pirate ship deck had a huge whole in the middle of it, and was also undergoing rehab.



This bird is into Men it looks like.



Laughing Sal getting ready for her second summer at the Boardwalk. This is another great piece of amusement park history, so make sure to check this out if you get down to SCBB.



A few final shots of Double Shot floating right before takeoff.



Near the top of the 125 foot tower overlooking the Pacific Ocean.



Who would have guessed....yet another picture of Double Shot.



Last but not least, a fat man with an ice cream cone, looking at the pipe organ like it's going to be his next snack.


So that about does it, a very random TR to the SCBB. It was a great day down at the beach even with the seasonal closures. Don't hesitate to check SCBB out during the winter months, the park still has plenty of things to do with unbeatable scenery.


Thanks for reading,



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Sounds like a fun day, although I always thought the black train didn't fit in on the Dipper. I always liked the Yellow train. And come on, that first fan turn isn't the one that gets you. It's the last one, below that one....Ugh....can remember getting thrown into that divider, I only sit on the right side now.

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