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What was the last game you played?


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This is an oldschool one, Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage (SNES). Been trying to beat this game lately. I always get to the stage "The End..." and die ive only been to the stage after that one time.


Has anyone beat this game before.


I am currently playing Fable on Xbox right now...Love this game!!

My roommate just got addicted to that game hes been playing for two days straight.
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Well i havnt finished it yet but i am playing

Eldar Scrolls 1V Oblivion

Definatly the best RPG ever made i reccomend it to everyone who wants to play a great adventure game.


But the last game i played was The Godfather(Xbox)

It was ok but a poor use of the lisense.

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... I got Halo for my PC yesterday and I was expecting this great game. I was disappointed, it is very repetitious and mundane. The graphics are great and the vehicles are fun but the single play game stinks. I just beat it, nothing spells good like a short game.


Maybe I will have more fun if my friend brings his PC over and we play LAN.

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