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Best Six Flags Park

What is the best SF park?  

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  1. 1. What is the best SF park?

    • SFGAM
    • SFMM
    • SFGADV
    • SFNE
    • Other

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larrygator wrote:

just curious what you liked about SFKK over SFA, SFoT and SFStL. I wasn't a fan of SFKK at all.


truthfully, I don't know, maybe the overall atmosphere of the park, everything was easy to get to. Also the rides were great, though not the best selection in the SF line up.

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forgot to post mine after voting, here is how I list the ones I've been to:


1 - SFGAdv

2 - SFMM

3 - SFoG

4 - SFGAm

5 - SFA

6 - STStL

7 - SFFT

8 - SFNE

9 - LaRonde

10 - SFDL

11 - SFKK

12 - Great Escape


The first 4 are far above the others I've been to. Many of these parks I've only been to once so you never know if I hit it on a good or bad day.

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I really enjoy SFStL, it being my home park. However, I do know that SFGAdv is a very good park for coasters. I mean, Kingda Ka, Medusa, Batman and Robin, Nitro, and soon Toro! Whats not to like. I have only been to SFStL out of all of the SF parks, and I really like it, but it needs more coasters. Also, seeing pictures of SFFT, IMO, the park is VERY understated. The parks atmosphere looks awesome, they have the floorless Superman, and Poltergeist. I just really think that Fiesta Texas looks cool, tell me if Im crazy but I just like it. IMO, the BEST SF parks are SFGAdv, SFFT, and SFStL. SFMM is WAY (IMO) overrated. Then again, I have never been there, or to any other SF park besides SFStL.



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It was a tossup between SFGAM and SFGADV.. they're both great parks and have their ups and downs..


SFGAM is a great park with great coasters. it's also well maintained, and generally has a friendly staff--but the layout needs some improvement, and it could use a little more oomf..


SFGADV is quite possibly one of the prettiest parks i've been to. it's also got some great coasters--BUT, the lines are kinda ridiculous and i was not impressed with the souvenier shops/lack of souveniers in general. (i'm a sucker for 'em)


so overall I'm gonna go with my home park, SFGAM. but it was a tough choice!

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I say both SFGAdv & SFGA are the same good rides and fairly good coasters IMO, SFMM is overated yes they have some good rides but how many times can u depend on some of the rides being open if its not your homepark


(and i just dont say this cause SFGAdv & SFGA were my home parks in the past few years)

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The only two SF parks I've been to are SFMM and SFGAm. Even though MM is my home park, I have to give the edge to GAm. That park just blew me away. It was very clean, well-maintained, and operations were top-notch. Even though the themes weren't really consistent (Iron Wolf in County Fair? Shockwave in Orleans Place? WTF?) the park was full of charm and had a more intimate feel than MM. Of course this was back in 1997, so I wouldn't know how it would measure up today.

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I say SFOG is the best because, although I have not visited any other Six Flags park I have seen pictures and videos and some are over crouded with rides and could use some more landscaping. I will admit that SFOG isn't the most beautiful park but it is one of the best if not the best in the Six Flags Chain.


Great American Scream Machine at SFOG

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The only Six Flags Park I have been to is the one in Holland (called Walibi World now).


The park was clean, tidy, all the staff were helpfull and you can re-ride if no-one is waiting for your seat.


I'll be going back in June for 4 days.


I wish the UK parks allowed people to re-ride when it's not busy, they always ask you to leave your seat and walk round the Q lines.

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