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Expedition Everest?

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^^ Why does rapidshare not work for me???


Its a nolimits file- Im assuming you t have NL?


Id be willing to do the terraforming, Im pretty good at it! I have no Idea how you are going to do the reverse points, though. I dont know if the layout you have there is even correct. Here is a POV, it should help you a ton.




Expedition Everest is there.

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Here is the update. Added some objects.




Jman Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2006 10:41 am Post subject:




Dude, you do know that you cant make reverse points, right? Whatch the POV again, what you have so far isent very accurate.




Why don't you just email Ole, or just make a coaster yourself!

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Glad this is up -- I need help with 3DS work --


I've been working on my track for spell and its been finished for a few weeks now.


Its based on satellite photos -- construction imagery and multiple rides.


I know No limits doesn't do the track switch, but, hey, its worth a try.


Anyone a 3DS pro?

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Its not wortht he try cause you can't do it!


Just to let yall know this user that is attempting to build this just posted a track he did not build on another site. This is called track stealing. No one should ever do it. This guy should be ashamed of himself.

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Whover registered as EElover at WWS stole trakcs, and from the one and only hansixx did he steal. I believe its the guy who started this who wanted to build EE first, cause EElover started a forum just like this at WWS!


Your track looks pretty decent man, id love to check it out!

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