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Walt Disney World Disney's Animal Kingdom Discussion Thread

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I'm not one to get bent out of shape about theming and whether or not something fits, but I loathe Primeval Whirl. The area as a whole doesn't bother me, but that particular ride just looks terrible. We skipped it on all 3 of our trips in the last 5 years.

I took my first whirl last year and I think that will be my last haha.

The area looks fun for what it is, but compared to the rest of the park it just seems odd to be on a well-themed parking lot carnival. I love Dinosaur though and as many times as I've been on Indy they both still feel like two different experiences to me which is awesome.

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That whole area of AK sounds like it's really in need of a re-do, not including Dinosaur! for now. And it should be like the way they totally plussed up Fantasyland in DL back in 1983. But take out the flat rides and create some new original rides, etc. And a total re-theme with new backstory would probably help it, too.


My 7 cents.

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My biggest beef with Dinoland is that the 48" height requirement on Primevil whirl is crazy for kids, and I wish there was just a little more there. The cheesy roadside attraction theme isn't my favorite but it works, and kids love it. The play ground is great, the Triceretops Spin is a solid and reliable attraction for kids, if there were another couple dino-themed flat rides, a carousel, maybe a version of Heimlich's Chew Chew train through some dinosaur stuff would be really cool, and again younger kids would love it.

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Primeval Whirl closing is perfectly fine. I do understand what Disney was going for with Dinoland USA and recognize there is actually a pretty substantial backstory to it, which is neat. However, it fell flat for me time and time again.


I really cannot understand though why they would close Primeval Whirl but keep that section of the park open. It seems bizarre, if you ask me. It would be like Radiator Springs Racer closing for good and keeping the other two flats. I mean, you could do it. But it just seems bare now.


Rivers of Light was an enjoyable show. And a necessary show. But it didn't wow me or anything. I hope they're replacing and not just eliminating, but we'll see.

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I really cannot understand though why they would close Primeval Whirl but keep that section of the park open. It seems bizarre, if you ask me. It would be like Radiator Springs Racer closing for good and keeping the other two flats. I mean, you could do it. But it just seems bare now.


Animal Kingdom is (by Disney standards) actually a pretty terrible park for little kids (in terms of rides... obviously they have great animal exhibits). TriceraTop Spin is one of only (I think) three rides in the park that doesn’t have a height requirement and the only one of those three that doesn’t normally have multi-hour waits (Navi River Journey and Safari being the other two). It’s also available to expectant mothers. I actually can’t think of any other ride in the park that is except for Navi River Journey.


I never thought about any of this until we went with some friends of ours last year and they had a little kid and another one on the way. At Magic Kingdom they can ride tons of rides, but at Animal Kingdom you’re mostly SOL.


So thanks to them we can now say that we’ve been on TriceraTop spin which wasn’t a ride I ever thought I’d ride.

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Walt Disney World has sent us a press release about this year's limited-time Earth Week Celebration offerings at Disney's Animal Kingdom!


While Disney theme parks celebrate all living things every day, during the upcoming Earth Week Celebration there’s an added opportunity for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park guests to connect with the magic of nature through engaging activities designed to educate and inspire the whole family.

From April 18 to 24, Disney’s Animal Kingdom will host limited-time experiences including unique Disney character appearances, fun learning opportunities, specialty merchandise, themed food and beverage, a new Wilderness Explorer activity and more.

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station shows how Disney Artists bring favorite characters to life by using animals for inspiration. For the Earth Week Celebration, guests can learn to draw characters – including Dumbo, Terk, Squirt, Shere Khan, Simba and Scar – whose real-life counterparts represent amazing stories of conservation work around the globe.

Catch a glimpse of some special characters who will join other favorite Disney pals on Discovery River Character Cruises.


Nosh around the park sampling Earth Week eats, including a selection of limited-time specialty cupcakes: the Creature Comfort’s Honey Bee Cupcake, the strawberry-flavored Flamingo Cupcake at Flame Tree Barbecue or the Sea Turtle Graham Cracker Cupcake. Specialty beverages include The Red Crowned Crane, a frozen Coke topped with frozen Cherry Coke and strawberry cotton candy; adults can spice it up with Captain Morgan Rum.


Set out on a series of self-guided, nature-themed challenges and earn a special Wilderness Explorer limited-time Earth Day Nature badge.

Hunt for an Earth Day 2021 limited-edition Te Fiti Moana trading pin. Guests can also support the Disney Conservation Fund by purchasing a cuddly plush inspired by species that call Disney’s Animal Kingdom home; or check out Island Mercantile’s eco-friendly water bottles, tumblers and reusable bags that promote sustainability.

Any time guests visit the park, they can marvel at unique animals and meet the newest arrivals. Most recently, the park welcomed the birth of Ranger, and guests can get a glimpse of the rambunctious 5-month-old calf and his rhino family on a journey aboard Kilimanjaro Safaris. While on safari, also keep an eye out for two young Masai giraffe who were born a few months ago, and playful Nigerian dwarf goats that hang out at the warden’s outpost.


Beginning April 2, watch as artisans transform 40 tons of sand into a detailed sculpture celebrating National Geographic’s “Secrets of the Whales,” an original series streaming on Disney+ on Earth Day. The intricate sculpted masterpiece will be located on the Discovery Island Stage until April 30.

For more information on how Disney cares for animals and helps protect species in the wild, visit DisneyAnimals.com, check out “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” on Disney+, streaming now, Disney Park Wild Sights, a short form video mini-series exclusive to the My Disney Experience app, or follow along on Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment Instagram (@DrMarkAtDisney) and Facebook (@DisneyASE) pages.

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BUMP! for more discussion on DAK, here. 🦁

I still can't wait, to FINALLY get over there enjoying EPCOT (and that Epic Food & Wine Festival in the Fall), Animal Kingdom (for all of it, lol), and "maybe" the Studios and The Kingdom for a day .... each. Yum.

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