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Walt Disney World Disney's Animal Kingdom Discussion Thread

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Thanks for sharing the pix Erik.


Man, I love how Disney goes (usually) all the way when it comes to themeing and presentation of an attraction. WDW definitely still has The Space to do just that. Such a beautiful big mountain. And the village setup.


You lucky peeps, you. :mrgreen:

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POST # 600 !!!


And I just found this pic, posted by a reader of Screamscape.com ---


Hmmm, guess the imagineers just couldn't wait till the new year, to test it out, huh?


Cool that it can actually have peeps on it now.


Who IS that there in those front cars? Maybe Joe Rhode among them? (Head AK honcho.)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Was at EE for the umpteenth time. Met Joe Rohde.


Looks like technical rehearsals will be up mid February -- ish.


What's new: Clocks are going in, trains area running, painting looks like its getting touched up -- noticing dark spots above the track in the tunnels (smoke 'damage').






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Looks like she has to take crap! :shock:


aah! Joe is pointing to his stomach saying: use your stomach muscles! the other guy is all 'yah, the stomach' She's all "I caaaaan't" "It hurrts".


I didn't get his other ear because there really wasn't much there today. He was being very demure in his earring selection.


I've heard Joe is a nice guy -- but he was pretty reserved today, didn't ask him much.


The ride has been about 4 years in the making.

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How is it that the bastard park of FL gets this beast whereas we ANOTHER Pixar ride in ours?


Dude, that's fudged up...


WDW has room to expand.


DL finds it where it can.



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