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Walt Disney World Disney's Animal Kingdom Discussion Thread

P. 73: Earth Week Celebration offerings announced!

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(can't believe you said DLR's SM is preferred over even WDW'! that's blasphemy in my book! lol)


I prefer It's a Small World over WDW's Space Mountain. It's a rough piece of crap.

Damn, we gotta get you on some REAL rough rides then!


--Robb "If WDW's Space Mountain had a soundtrack, it would be my favorite one!" Alvey

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I don't know if they edited the video when they went inside the mountain, but it seemed a little short. What is the length of time you spend on the ride?


Guy "I still think it looks incredible." Koepp


I haven't watched the video since I rode Everest, but I'm pretty sure nothing was edited out.

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I say that because it seems that you go inside only for a second or two then back outside. When they were placing all the track, it seemed like there was much mor than the video showed.


Guy "It may be able to break the space time continum." Koepp


Rewatching both the of original videos (inside the magic) and having ridden the ride 6 times, I can say that nothing was edited out, thats exactly how the ride is.

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Hey there.. I rode it yesterday too.. 3 times. Once in front, once in back, and once in the middle. AMAZING. Like Jose said, just forget about that crappy video on the net, it doesnt do it justice at all. When I get back to PA on Weds I'll write up a Photo TR about it. But I'll say really quick, it's a perfect ride for Disney. Smooth, good show elements, and the main drop is really good! But the best part is the helix backwards! It packs a punch.




Plus they gave us a nifty " i conquered Everest" sunshade thing for your car.


Going to ride it another time or two today..



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OMG! I am sooo jealous! I am not set to go back to Disney until 2008!!!! I just love the Disney theming - and can return over and over and over and over and over.....


And as a tease, all I got to see when I was there in May...was this -->

and I didnt spend much time in AK...so hopefully I will see more next time!




and this -->

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OMG! What is with this ride that we can't get a GOOD video of it? I mean, seriously! It doesn't look that much different than Big Thunder Mountain and this video is CONSTANTLY shaking. Is it better than the last one? Honestly, I don't think so! Because at least in the last one you were able to see how the train snaked around the track. Sure it's "POV" but it's terrible POV.


I know these sites want to be "cool" and have the first videos out there, but man, I think I'd rather choose quality over "being one of the first". Exactly the reason we waited so long when we did our Thunderhead and Hades videos last year. We could have easily posted the videos people sent us so we could have been the "first", but you all know that TPR is all about quality!


Anyway, also be warned that if you go to RCPro to check out their updates, you'll be greeted with popups on every page.


Good photos, though. Nothing you haven't seen before, and the video, IMO, is no better than the last ones I've seen, as it's still pretty embarassing. Save your time and wait for a "good" video to be produced!



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