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Walt Disney World Disney's Animal Kingdom Discussion Thread

P. 73: Earth Week Celebration offerings announced!

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Grrrrrr....... at my expired pass and my lack of funds to renew!


Nice pics Jose. Ride looks great!


So was this the preview for Imagineers and other VIPs. I was in the MK on the evening of the Imagineers preview for Stitch. I sure didn't see lots of smiles when I watched people exiting the theaters inti the gift shop! Good to hear that response is positive.

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^Yah, well, that was Stitch wasn't it lol.


This morning was contractor preview (as if they havn't risked their lives enough, they are the first mass test subjects -- and their kids! hooray!)


This afternoon is supposedly Imagineer preview.


There is still rumored to be DAK cast preview Monday onwards. Who knows?

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NIceee.. I only have class Weds-Thursday this quarter. So last night I got a call from my friend Carrie who works at the Y&B Club.. I got cheap plane tickets from Pittsburgh, and Im goign down on Fri to Tues to hit up the Cast Preview!! I'll take pictures and get back to you all



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Am I the only one who missed what the Yeti exactly does. I mean it seem like a lot of you know everything about it.


But anyways this does look awesome and will really help boost AK's numbers. I mean hell I skipped it and i'm the biggest credit whore around. As much I want to ride this, i've decided to hold off on FL until Cypress gets it together and rebuilds Starliner. So damn them!

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The 2nd video is MUCH better, not nearly as much glare and shaking. That looks amazing. I really like how the Yeti comes and rips up the previous track, so you are "forced" to make the 105' (supposed to be 88') drop into the ravine. The ride looks amazingly complex, you can see there is so much work that was put into it.


The only thing I don't understand is why the Yeti is all the way at the bottom!!! Shouldn't the ACTUAL Yeti be right at the top Where you go down backwards? And speaking of the backwards part, what happens there?


Thanks for the video, Maliboomer, I really enjoyed this thing!!!

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It takes way to long to load! But other than that, the theming looks GREAT!


If I didn't watch that video before I rode it, I would be scared out of my mind! I really don't like things that pop up/down during a ride.


But thinking about it, Disney is genus on how they distracted the guests attention on that second switch back!

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Wow, I really am not sure how everyone is getting all that from the video. IMO, that video was terrible. It showed the head rest of the seat in front of you more than it showed the ride itself. Maybe it's just because I do videos, but all I can say is if that was the video *I* shot, even if it was an "exclusive" I actually wouldn't have posted it.


From what I can see from that video, I think some of the themeing looks pretty decent. The ride itself doesn't look to be better than Big Thunder Mountain. And do you really fly by the Yeti animatronic that fast?


I was totally underwhelmed by watching that video, but then again, that video sucked. I mean it REALLY sucked. I honestly can't say I got a feel for the ride AT ALL from watching that.


--Robb "I guess other people are more used to seeing crappy video?" Alvey

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Well, the 1st video definately wasn't that good. But the 2nd was alot better. You just can't stare at the horrible comb over of the dude in front of the camera LOL!


But yeah, Robb, your videos are WAY better. I will now wait for a front seat POV to come out. Now, do you think that they will allow people to film onride during the PreOpening (28th-29th?)?

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