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Walt Disney World Disney's Animal Kingdom Discussion Thread

P. 73: Earth Week Celebration offerings announced!

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Lets see: updates:


1) they are handing out yeti business cards to the disneyeverest.com web site. It should have a vidcast soon (site opens the 16).


2) they have 6 trains. 1 for parts 1 spare 4 running (they CAN run 5, its just a little tight and don't do it


3) Yeti doesn't always work. They've added a B show as a back up. They have a fog and strobe effect if the yeti breaks down or if there is a delay in loading.


4) DAK cast preview begin possibly monday, maybe tuesday, wednesday...nothing has been confirmed. So far, NO soft openings for the public.


5) they have a cool fog effect outside the main tunnel drop and they have a snow/mist effect after the main lift hill in the mountain range there.


Like overe here:












New sign under banner:










Smoke out of back of train


The backside of EE!


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Wow this thing is going to be good. Yall think there is any chance I can get on it during Spring Break during the week of March 19-26? I was at Disney over Christams and it just pissed me off not being abel to ride it then so hopefully for spring break. If not Universal here I come.

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I've only been here in Florida for a few ride openings, stitch, soarin, now this.


DAK previews might be Tuesday/Wednesay. Overall Cast has been officially annouced. It starts the 20th.


I don't know -- it could be in preopening by the time you are here.




edit: I forgot to mention. They took out a section of the half wall and it is roped off. Tomorrow they will take down a section by the fast pass area -- but that's for the Imagineer party tomorrow I hear.

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3) Yeti doesn't always work. They've added a B show as a back up. They have a fog and strobe effect if the yeti breaks down or if there is a delay in loading.


Sounds better than Revenge of the Mummy's B Show when Imhotep isn't working.


On my very first ride on the Mummy I experienced the non-working Imhotep (basically a cheap looking projection on the outside of the coffin with a lot less dialogue). Needless to say I was surprised when I rode it again a few weeks later I got the full Imhotep busting out of the coffin.

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Now I hear differently that there isn't 6 trains. Only 5 and they run 4. That's what you get when you use cast members as a source.


Montu: I have a hookup too, but I might have ruined that as I tried to get on today and got busted.




Money Shot of everest (BTW LOTS of people were screaming and having fun. I was there for hours and didn't hear a negative thing). Awesome seems to be the word of choice for a lot of folks. Even after they ride it, they are very impressed by it.



The Fast pass line was opened up for this afternoon (imagineer fast pass). Weird why they'd test it with them and not the contractors.



We've seen this sign before, but they added more color, discoloration and rust at the edges and screws yesterday.



Here's a shot of people in the train. Its going to be impossible to NOT market this as a coaster...a lot of people's hands were up and there is a lot of screaming!




Here's a similar shot, but look in the middle over the roof, that's the train coming back into the mountain after the double helix in the rear.


Going into the mountain:



These are the baby Yeti binoculars I was talking about. Fun.



These 'binoculars' have no lenses in them -- they are just empty, but focus on the peak.



Little Sign on it.



This isn't everest though is it, its 'forbidden mountain'.





Again, I'll have to stress how folks liked this ride. There were a lot of re-rides I noticed (it doesn't hurt that there is only a 5 minute wait). But it looks to be a well done ride.


As I said earlier yesterday Al Weiss rode it 3 x in a row in the morning he liked it that much.


Take care Yeti Fans.



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