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Walt Disney World Disney's Animal Kingdom Discussion Thread

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Adios, muchachos

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Let's see -- what is new:


The warning signs are up (as well as the height requirement badge). The floatation device by the river is down


Some scaffolding structure is up by the waterfall area and part of the village has been wrapped (Cristo, were you here!?)


Diego was giving some folks a tour today and he had some cool things to say (Diego is an imagineer).


First off, the lack of a 'clickety clack' up the lift is very deliberate (its not just because its some newfangled technology or the sound is annoying in general). This ride is supposed to be a 'train' -- and how many trains go clickety clack up a mountain he says? That would be 'too coasterish'.


Another 'too coasterish' thing would be the lifthill itself. They wanted to avoid the look of a giant lift hill so they added a temple area/mountain as to visually break up the major lift hill. This make the 'train' look less like a coaster.


On Thursday they will be doing some evac testing -- so that might be fun to check out. I will have to look at my older photos but it looks like they've done a little more themeing of the major stairs visible in front of the mountain.


Today, electricians were testing the fastpass system and fiddling it a bit.


Pics up chortly.




Diego giving tour. Fastpass signs tooled with. Extra warning sign inside stand by entrance.


Water fall area has new scaffolding


Part of the village is wrapped by Cristo




Height badge and Warning up.


Yesterday this banner wrap went up. One of the signs was 'ripped off'. Broken off top of rock repainted.

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The track 'clicks' at the beginning and end of the lift (the curved sections).


The 'straightaway' section puts up a ratchet system automatically when it senses the chain slows down to a stop.


This is just a plane jane variable speed chain.

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Hey Jose,


I wanted to watch the movie, but it doesn´t work! I have a few different player, but I can only hear the music! Can you please post it again in another format, maybe wmv or something like that?




You need quicktime 7 or the latest iTunes. Essentially its a video podcast.


edit: I've checked -- its compatible with Windows XP -- you just need the software. If this becomes a big problem for folks, I'll format it to something more universal... or something.

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Here's a second one just finished it and its from today (not like there is a big difference) -- And more photos!


Click here for 2 new videos posted today.


A few things to report today:


A 72 hour testing will commence end of December (72 hours straight operation). December 27-29th I believe.


Disney intends to have DVC, Passholder and Cast all come around the same time for rehearsal.


Added a new sound effect yesterday.


Yeti doesn't work 100% of the time.


Fastpass time is the 'current' time now.


Cast has to wear construction helmets. They do have hats, but they haven't been released yet.


Scaffolding still there by waterfall. Didn't see it on while I was there.



Some new props:

Construction esthetic:


Speakers inside of transformer (see grill):


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