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Lack of theme parks in Hawaii

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Per my sources, Hawaii is the only state in the USA with no amusement park of any sort--no water park, no Six Flags, no itty bitty park, no nothing. (Even Alaska has an indoor water park, outside Anchorage.)


Does anybody know of any plans to correct this oversight?

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I heard a rumor floating around of a disney resort with a small themepark of some kind. If it was ever going to happen i have no clue where, but Maui or Oahu would prolly be where it would be.

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I think Hawaii is the only state with a giant pineapple maze though.


Guy "I love me tha Red Dirt." Koepp

That pineapple maze is huge, takes forever to get all your stamps (it doesnt run like a normal mazy, you start out in the center, and you have to find these stations where you trace a figure onto a piece of paper, then you have to find the next and then the next) I think I was in it for a good 40 minutes. I think there is an Ocean Park on Oahu. think we drove by it while I was there.

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Er, Florida is considered by some to be pretty tropical, y'know palm trees, beaches, mangrove swamps, etc. Disney seems to be doing pretty well there...

With all the Japanese tourism in Hawaii, I think the problem would be detracting from turnstile counts at CA and FL. However, someone building a small to medium sized family oriented park (al a Legoland or Cypress Gradens) would probably make a killing. Has there ever been an amusement park there and it failed, or has no one ever thought it was a good investment considering that there are alternatives?

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They had a real small one on Guam. Oohh, there's two coaster credits that I have that I'll bet Robb Dosn't. Cause the park closed after less than two years of opperation. I think the rotting remains are still there.


Guy "I said Rotting Remains." Koepp


I've been on the powered that's in Guam now, and I did hear about the old park, but no one could remember when it closed, where it was, etc.

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