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Another odd question.


What is the best way to get the Flyer to stop snapping once you get it going? Is it to point the sail in one direction? Since I noticed the op was slowing it down on most cycles when someone got wild, I didn't want to go full tilt for the entire ride.


I quickly learned letting go of the sail still caused those things to snap on their own once they got going.


Hold the sail away from the center as far as it goes. Should cause it to stop snapping pretty quick. I usually do this to keep the stricter ops from slowing it down.

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Knoebels is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit. And it would take a lot for me to be steered away from returning (ie- ripping down Phoenix, and Twister, replacing the bumper cars with stand

It's definitely not for this season.  There are pictures of it on Reddit and it's in extremely rough condition.  I don't see any way it's operating this year.  Hopefully that means Knoebels is plannin

Apparently a Bayern Kurve attraction on a trailer was spotted at Knoebels over the weekend. Has anyone been to Phunfest this year and knows anything more?

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Hey everyone. Thanks for all the food suggestions. We ate our way through the (very crowded) park yesterday trying everything from the pierogies to the potato cakes, pickles and pork chops on sticks, waffles ice cream sandwiches, and more. Everything was wonderful. Best pickles I ever had, no shit.


Oh and also- Phoenix is the real f**king deal, huh? Jesus.



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Hi all I went to the park back in june for a few days I was blown away how not so busy the lines were on a monday for the summer season i took some pictures. I dint get a chance to ride black diamond or flying turns as the lines were 30 mins everytime i walked by.


spin and puke


great pinball selection


hayy dippion dots guy told me a mega giga was coming in 2020





a old skool ride




















closed all day










missing in action all year the wave swinger










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Hello! I went to PPP in 2017, couldn’t make it last year. Tried to reach out to Knoebels to confirm some details but they couldn’t confirm one way or another whether Club TPR was still an approved enthusiast group for the event. Can anyone shed light on this?

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Hello! I went to PPP in 2017, couldn’t make it last year. Tried to reach out to Knoebels to confirm some details but they couldn’t confirm one way or another whether Club TPR was still an approved enthusiast group for the event. Can anyone shed light on this?

I have not heard anything from them one way or another. I don't see why we wouldn't be an approved group as we have been in the past.

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^Yesh, I figured as such! I’ll register and it should all be a okay! They didn’t post a list on the Facebook event like they’ve done in years past, just said like ‘card-carrying member of an approved enthusiast group’ or something. Thanks Robb!

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^Oh. Yeah, I didn't actually follow through with the registration process because I didn't see anything listed like in year's past. But now I am seeing us mentioned, so we're all good. Thanks for that! Looking forward to the event.

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^ I somehow missed it, glad you enjoyed your visit! Don't think I've seen too many photos from the arcade, so I liked seeing that. For future photo TR's, I'd recommend putting more comments underneath the photos, since that's a great place to talk about some of the more specific details on how your day went.

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Wife update! (For anyone still following this saga of my wife who's afraid of coasters/heights, that is.)


This past weekend at this year's Phunfest, she finally bucked up and went for her first ride on Phoenix (or, as my daughter has taken to calling it as of late, "the trampoline coaster"). Managed to talk her into it by telling her the drop was only 2 feet higher than Jack Rabbit's at Kennywood, which she did last weekend. Super happy to finally get all four of us on at the same time! She denies making any noise whatsoever, but she let out yelps over every last hump in that airtime buffet.


It was a great weekend, and I'm sure everyone else who was there will put up full reports with pics at some point. But honestly, it's Knoebels. What more needs to be said?

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I was very seriously looking at finally going to PPP this year, but it just wouldn't quite work out, unfortunately... However, I'm am absolutely planning on making it out to Knoebels finally next year, if not for PPP, just for a regular day there! It's definitely more than time!

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God I love this park so much. If it wasn't for this site, I might have never got to visit. I had so much fun there last year, I wish I could have spent 2 days.


My Dad rode the Flying Turns at Euclid Beach when he was a kid, I need to get him out there in 2020. He'd love it. 5-6 hours from Cleveland but I think he'd find the trip worth it.

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