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Knoebels Discussion Thread

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On Tuesday I went with a friend of mine up to Konebels to check out Impulse. The ride is more than halfway together and word was that they hope to have the track complete and ready for pull through testing in a several weeks at the earliest. The first impression I got when I started walking around was that it kind of reminded me of Fahrenheit at Hersheypark a little. I'm pretty sure the ride experience will be much different though. As for what's let, they still need to finish the lift and the two turns from the loop to the in-line twist.


It looks great looks to be a perfect for the park. Can't wait for spring to ride it!


Welcome to the arctic tundra of Knoebels!


Just picture looking straight down once this is in place.


Well hello Mr. top piece.


The test car was also present as well. Give how heavy-duty it looks, it wouldn't shock me if it eventually becomes a ride vehicle.


Side view shot. Sorry, no up-skirt shots! lol


Walking into the park is going to be really different for this coming season.


That's going to be one intense helix.


Brake run is in.


The fins are in.


You won't be able to miss seeing this while coming to the park (unless you take the super secret back road that I discovered last summer).


This will make a great photo spot for this year.


This was the lift as of Tuesday. As you can see from the above post, it is nearly close to being topped off.


Between this section and the cobra roll, it really kind of reminds me of Fahrenheit for some reason.


So many drive tires.


The workers were out to lunch when we first got there.


Looks to be a pretty unique cobra roll. Cabana Roll maybe (a cross between a cobra and banana roll)?


I love the design of the loop as well.


More drive tires to be installed. Maybe for the station?


Closer view of the lift track.


They were pouring concrete for the station while we were there.



While waiting for them to start work again, I started getting artsy.


They came back from lunch and literally got right to putting pieces up.


Up it goes.


It's in...


...and here comes the next piece to take its place in the assembly line.



Piece number two.


It really took them about 10 minutes to put in each piece. Not bad at all!

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Looks like a fun little ride... I just hate the support color though!

I think it will look a lot better once the leaves start growing back. The blue and yellow will provide a nice contrast to the green.


Also, the sunlight reflecting off of the snow might be adding to the brightness of the track and supports.

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I stopped by again to watch it be topped off. That first drop looks like it is going to be a lot of fun!


I have returned and much of the lift is up except...


... this piece.


As always, they have more pieces ready for after they install the lift piece.


Up it goes.


Just need to lower it into place.


Lining up the connections.


And its in.


Even though it isn't past vertical, a vertical drop will still probably be pretty stunning.



From the main entrance path.



Control panel for the transfer track, which will be right behind the loading station.


The station is on the left and I have no idea what they are building in the tent, if anything.


The ferris wheel is in pieces and will get a LED package this year.


The midway feels much different during this time of the year.




I am impressed by this photo.


Work continues as normal.


I took a peek under the test car in the parking lot. Interesting!

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I will be doing everything in my power to get out there this summer.

Same here. Haven't been following the construction of this closely, but these pictures make it look like a gem of a ride. This coaster is the perfect excuse to make my first-ever trip to Knoebels.

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Looks fantastic! It's the perfect addition to an already outstanding park. Does anyone know how many cars this will run? There's no MCBR, but there's that unusually long should-have-been-a-launch straightaway before the lift hill. 3, maybe 4 cars? Load 2 cars at once? Does Knoebels need capacity?

It will have three cars that can seat up to 8 people (4 per a row). I'm thinking there will be a station block, a transfer block, and a waiting block at the end of the brake run judging from what the brake run looks like. I don't see them needing a separate unload and loading block, but I could be wrong. Wouldn't shock me if there is another at the base of the lift on those drive tires, but I could be wrong on that as well.

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Oh man, that helix looks insane!


I like to call this element, in these types of coasters...the Toilet Bowl.


Named (by me) after the downward helix in SPEED at Oakwood theme park, in Wales.

It was my very first vertical lift coaster, first euro-fighter...rode it 14 times!

And yes, it's a really great part of this type of coaster's layout.


Here's SPEED's helix, going down and around. (TPR 2006 UK Tour)

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