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What is Elissa doing for her birthday?


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So Miss E, I see on the calendar tomorrow is your birthday! Happy birthday! What are your plans? Are you having dinner? Riding a donkey? Going to Chippendale's? Seeing Robb do an exotic dance?

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Ugh, yeah...I'm also unbelieveably sick


Elissa "will be taking a lot of day and nyquil!" Alvey


Well if it makes you fell better i have an ear infection and i have to take a huge pill 3 times a day for the next week


Zane "invasion of the huge pills coming soon to me" Williams

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Thank you everyone for your kind words! I think I'm feeling a bit better but that could also be the double dose of Advil and Dayquil Sinus talking!!!


Eh, all in all, I'd rather be sick today and this past weekend with not much going on than on some cool trip somewhere, so hopefully this will get it out of my system for a bit!


Elissa "I also blame Knotts!" Alvey

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Stick with blaming Knott's ... It's more fun that way ...



You got the Montezooma's Revenge ... maybe from Knott's ... Maybe from Carlos ...



Carlos, this is our way of saying we have excepted you and we love you!!


Maybe from Carlos on Montezooma's Revenge :shock:

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^^^ well I'm bored, so you can blame me


I haven't been sick in over a year, so whenever my roomate gets sick, he blames me because I "deflect the germs" at him


but if I really could deflect germs, I'd get a some gig as a super hero



Bret "feel better " Pritchett

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