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Old 80's Amusement Park Promos!

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One of the fine members (CoasterDad) over at CoasterFanatics.Com has been going through his personal collection of coaster and amusement park videos. Everytime he converts something over, he sends me some files to share with everyone.


This group includes:



(3) 30-Second Bells TV ads

(6) Cedar Point TV ads including a 60-second ad, and Gemini, Demon Drop, and Magnum promos

(2) Astroland TV ads (Cyclone Backwards and Ride-all-day)


Check them out and post your thoughts!



Note: Due to the large amount of bandwidth and video "borrowing" you must be signed in to view the videos. Sign-up only takes a second.

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OK, that "summer is going fast" ad for Cedar Point used to almost bring me to tears!! Anyone else?? It was such a great ad, and as someone who grew up at the Point every summer, it pretty much bummed me out thinking that I would have to live without CP for the next 8 months!


I guess that's why I worked there for 5 summers and try to get back every single year.

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