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Park near NY / Washington


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After Florida in 2005, me and 3 other french and belgian fans have planned an another trip in the NY/Washington region this year in august (20 august => 02 sept) :


Sunday 20 : Paris/NY flight (12h at NY), NY and road to our hotel at Sougthingtown (near lake Compounce)

Monday 21 : SFNE

Tuesday 22 : Lake Compounce and road to Allentown

Wednesday 23 : Dorney Park and road the evening to Hershey

Thursday 24 : Hershey Park

Friday 25 : Knoebel and road to Baltimore

Saturday 26 : Free day (Washington/Baltimore)

Sunday 27 : SFA and road the evening to our hotel near PKD

Monday 28 : BGW

Tuesday 29 : PKD

Wednesday 30 : Road to Clementon, Clementon and SFGADv

Thursday 31 : SFGadv

Friday 01 : road to NY and free day in NY

Saturday 02 : Free day in NY, flight at 22h00


Is it ok for you ?

How many time to visit Lake Compounce and Knoebels ?

For knoebel, hanted mansion is really good ?

In Clementon Park, only one "good" ride (J2) or another interesting attraction ?


Thank you very much

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Can you switch your schedule to something like this:


Tuesday 22 : Lake Compounce and road to Elysburg

Wednesday 23 : Knoebels and road the evening to Allentown

Thursday 24 : Dorney Park and road the evening to Hershey

Friday 25 : Hersheypark and road to Baltimore

Saturday 26 : Free day (Washington/Baltimore)


The other day would have just resulted in backtracking to Knoebels and this would be more 'direct'.


Also, 'PKI' (Kings Island) is in Cincinatti, Ohio. You mean PKD (Kings Dominion), correct? If not Kings Island is pretty far out of the way...


Lake Compounce - we were able to cover the entire park in one day, even on their busiest day ever.

Knoebels - a full day will do fine here too.

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Yes, PKD PKI will be in another trip in the future ...


For dates of Dorney, Hershey and Knoebels, we have choose this because we think between Hersey and Knoebel, knoebels is smaller and we can take the road at 19h, before they close the park (22h)...

It's more easy to do Knoebels between 11h and 19h than hershey between 10h and 20h ? No ???


thanks, Max.

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Hi !


I'm one of the french guys


Well, i just wonder what is the six flags season passes prices strategy, because it for us impossible to buy them. It is said we have to live less than 300 miles from the park, and we lives more than 6000


Will they increase the price all the year, as they made in Europe ? What could you advice us to do ?



Of course, all advices about all those parks are welcome : which ride to do at the opening, what are the good things to know, which are the best restaurants ...

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If you're in New York, you might want to consider checking out Coney Island. I've never been there myself, but the Cyclone is all over the Discovery Channel. Also there is the touristy type stuff, such as the Empire State Building (with a "Soaring over New York" type motion simulator called the New York Skyride), Timesquare, Ground Zero, and subways

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