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What do you think is the most Extreme flat ride ?

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OMG, there's this one round-up that I rode at a carnival (stupid me.) The round-up spun on an arm that swings and tilts it around.

I felt myself literally slipping from the ride, and there were no ropes, bars, or anything! The risk made it so intense.

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The most intense flat ride I have ridden was Freefall @ SFOG. It's the only 1st gen freefall ride I've been on. The drop made the blood rush to my head and give me a pounding headache. That's why I love it so much! LOL


The second most intense was the KMG Afterburner. It was the only ride I have ever ridden where I really felt my ribs bending from the g-forces. That was really uncomfortable, and it was difficult for me to breathe for about an hour afterwards.


The third most intense ride was Power Surge at the TN State Fair. The negative and lateral g's on that ride were so strong that they were sort of uncomfortable. A few times the seat spun so fast that I got whiplash. After I got off, the muscles in my hand were contracted from holding on so tight.


Even though these rides are so intense, I still really love riding them. I think the intensity is really what makes a ride so great. If you don't get a little injured from a ride, it's not nearly as fun, IMO

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