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Where in the world ARE Robb & Elissa? Part II!

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The key for me right now is the one lane (each way) highway. I think it's a given they were on I-40. The newest highway picture is in the "high desert" area in Northern Arizona/Southern Utah/Southwestern Colorado/Northwestern New Mexico. The highway looks a lot like State Rt. 89 in Arizona. I'm going to interpret the "Cliffs" clue as literal cliffs off of mountains.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say the pics of the beer is from Tiffany Tree Lounge at Little America Hotel outside of Flagstaff...and the cliffs are from possibly Walnut Canyon near Flagstaff?

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It's the spelling of "Vue" thats stumped me.

I actually covered that on the first page (heck first post after Robb) but to recap:


Today's Clue: We've got a GREAT "Vue"



Only thing I can think that means is you got a Saturn... Didn't they make the Vue? (looks a lot like where Elissa is sitting... Check it out for yourself http://www.saturn.com/saturn/vehicles/vue/overviewInterior.jsp )


I don't recognize any of the pics... Kinda looks like Nevada... Highway... Hey I said I don't recognize anything...

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Today you'll find out where our first destination is, but where is stop #2 going to be?


Clue #1 - We've got a nice "Vue"

Clue #2 - "Engine"

Clue #3 - "Cliffs"

Clue #4 - "It's funny!"


Well, for those of you who said Grand Canyon.....


"It's just like being 16 years old again!" :D

So now you know where stop #1 is...but where are we heading to tomorrow? Hmm......


Time for us to stop for dinner. It should be obvious what place this is, but which one? We've driven quite a long distance to get here!


On the road again....hmm, this photo would be a good clue to where we're heading, but gee...look at that, it's so blurry....oh darn... =)


Ok, so we're NOT really staying at the Bedrock Resort and Spa, but where could we be going now?


Geez, and we thought the accomodations at Pontins were bad! =)


Ahh, back to our 4-star resort hotel!


"Now THIS is Robb's kind of book! It's got pictures AND poop!!!"




"Oh, crap....."


The 1st tunnel means "OMFG, thank god we're almost at the top!!!"


"But Robb....there is FOOD at the top!" "Oh, I'm so there!!!"


"Warning - there is a good chance Robb won't make it back ALIVE!"


"That still looks like a LONG way up!"


"....and one of them is going to be Robb!"


"Going up REALLY sucks!!!"


We've made it pretty far down. Time to take a rest and head back up.


"Hmmm....we're hiking down a steep cliff with slippery slopes and ice everywhere and a drop off of over 4,000 feet. Is this a good idea?" "Of course! Let's keep going!"


"We've found ice....I think it's gotten COLDER!!!"


Holy crap that's a long way down. "Uhhh...do we really have to go THAT FAR???"


"Ohhh NOOOOoooooo....." as Robb falls into the canyon! =)


Here is our view. Pretty nifty, eh?


Going down the canyon...the easy part! We like going down! :D


Robb a.k.a "The Wildlife!"


"The Bright Angel Trail or the Rim Job Trail?" Hmm.....


So it's time to do a little hiking into the canyon....


And for those of you who were wondering who our driver was, here he is! (Don't worry, we'll tip him well!)


"Um...it's cold...really cold!"


So yes, "Part 1" of our trip is the Grand Canyon....but where could we be off to next?



(Here is elissa doing her best "Tuskin Warrior" impression)

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LOL! My family camped at the Flinstone campground back in 1986....I can't believe it is still standing, it was in bad shape back then. Well I am glad you are having a good time, at least you can return home later to go to Wally World. But again, isn't most of the rides there closed?

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I don´t no much about the US geography and streets, that means I havn´t known till now where you are! Okay, I know a bit about the US! I know where to finde some citys, where are the states and a bit more! But when it comes to something special, then I have no idea about it! However, I really enjoy your daily updates!



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Great pictures! The Grand Canyon is an incredible place to visit. Damn, it looked cold there though. What were the temps at the top and bottom (or midway...)?


As for the where to next, my guess would be the nearest Carraba's.


After the nearest Carraba's, you will probably go snow skiing. Just a thought here. but you can't be that close to Vegas and not stop.

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I remember stopping at and laughing at that Bedrock place in '93 or so. I'm amazed it hasn't falled down and turned into dust.


The Grand Canyon rules. Everyone should check it out once. How far down did you hike? We went down a little bit, but it was just a short hike. You need to be in really good shape to do a walk all the way down and back.


I have no idea where you're going at this point. I need more clues...



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