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Which ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain Is the best

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My personal favorite is Twisted Colossus because RMC.


The rest are ranked:

Tatsu - YOLO - X2 - Viper - Apocalypse - Lex Luthor - Riddler's Revenge - Green Lantern - Superman - Goliath - Revolution - Ninja - Batman - Scream - Whatever else


It's a very solid lineup they have!

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I started visiting the park in the 80's and currently have season pass and have been going regularly these past 2 months.


Apocalypse has been closed for awhile but I remember it as fast and fun when I rode it a few years ago but I have trouble ranking it since it's been awhile. I remember it well.


1. X2 - still the best ride in the park, most intense experience in the park and enthusiasts who whine about roughness on it are just babies who can't handle it. Its a bit jerky in a couple of spots sure but it's never caused me pain. It's like doing insane skydiving maneuvers...no other coaster is even close to that.


2. Twisted Colossus - Holy hay this ride is awesome and a close second. I get duels all the time riding this (not every time). I finally know what air time is and it's fun.


tier 2


3. Tatsu - I am not a fan of the flying position but this is a great coaster. Pretzel loop is amazing, terrain and views are cool. I think trying to lift my head and look forward puts strain on my neck on this ride, maybe I should look 90 degree down at all times?


4. Superman- only ride that dislodged a contact lens for me. The weightlessness, launch, and drop are great. Backwards is an improvement.


5. Fool Throttle - I don't dig the YOLO theme but this ride is surprisingly good and unique. It's close with Superman but loop is not as cool a high drop to me.


6. Goliath- I used to find this kind of boring but I have been enjoying it more. The MCBR sucks but it's kind of nerve racking on the left side as it leans in to the turn after


tier 3


7. Drop of Doom - this ride is guaranteed nervousness and butterflies and the drop is long and the brakes are smooth life savers.. Superman shakes are cool. Awesome ride but it's marked down for not being a coaster


8. Apocalypse- I remember this as super fast and fun but haven't ridden it in awhile


9. Riddlers Revenge- I ride comfortable and smoothly with no headbanging but I pretty much never bang my head on a coaster.


10. Scream!- This is a solid smooth ride in my view even if there is no theming


11. Batman The ride- this seems like Ninja with out the terrain but better and way more intense


tier 4


12. Viper - used to be king. Wow has this park grown over the years. It is rough but I don't bang my head or hurt myself like wimpy enthusiasts. Still love to ride it.


12. Revolution- kill the VR or give us no VR line back!


13. Ninja


14. Gold Rusher


15. Green Lantern First Flight - I have ridden this twice and never flipped. I haven't experienced pain. Short quick drops remind me of flashback which I also didn't like too much.


tier 5

the rest

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It has been 3 years since I posted my ranking. Having ridden all the rides many times more and having ridden WCR, here is my new list.


1. X2

2. Twisted Colossus

3. Tatsu

4. Viper

5. Full Throttle

6. Batman

7. Riddler

8. Goliath

9. Superman

10. West Coast Racers

11. Ninja

12. Apocalypse

13. Scream

14. New Revolution

15. Gold Rusher

16. All the kiddie coasters

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