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Which ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain Is the best

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1. X2

2. Goliath


The others I can't really place in any specific order. Revolution is today one of the worst Schwarzkopf's but that not the fault of the original constructor. Who supports a petition to crucify the guy who developed the OTSRs for it?

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Ranked as of my most recent visit (June 2013):


1. Tatsu

2. Full Throttle

3. Goliath

4. X2

5. Riddler's Revenge

6. Apocalypse


7. Superman

8. Scream

9. Batman

10. Viper

11. Green Lantern

12. Colossus

13. Ninja


14. Revolution

15. Gold Rusher

16. Canyon Blaster

17. Road Runner Express


Rides above the first line I consider a must ride on each visit as long as the line is under 60 minutes. Rides below the second line I will not bother with unless they are a walk-on. Rides in the middle are worth a 15-30 minute wait depending on their placement. I have only ridden Full Throttle once, so it's position may change after more rides. Apocalypse ranks three spots higher at night.

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We visited in February of this year so I'll rank everything we rode. Tatsu ranks in my top 5 overall coasters and X2 and Green lantern rank in my bottom 5 coasters. Green Lantern is the worst coaster I have ever ridden besides Viper at Great Adventure. It's a terrible ride.


Best: Tatsu



Lex Luthor (my favorite drop tower besides StratosFear at Knoebels)


Scream (Bizarro is much better but it's a good ride)

Ninja (This ride is very unique and I think very underrated)

Viper (I can't believe how smooth this ride is)


Jet Stream

Gold Rusher



Riddlers Revenge

X2 (I rode it in 2002 and hated it, but after hearing about how good it was for the next decade and seeing the X2 transformation we rode it again this year. It was just as awful as I remembered. A great first drop and then a world of pain)

Worst: Green Lantern

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Here's my list for the park.


1- Full Throttle

2- Apocalypse

3- X2

4- Tatsu

5- Goliath

6- Green Lantern

7- Superman

8- Ninja

9- Batman

10- Riddler's Revenge

11- Colossus

12- Scream!

13- Gold Rusher

14- Viper

15- Road Runner Express

16- Canyon Blaster

17- Revolution

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Honestly to me a roller coaster is a roller coaster, and I love them all, except Vekoma and Arrow. But my top 5 are:


5. Colossus

4. Apocalypse

3. X2

2. Tatsu

1. Goliath


I haven't been on YOLOcoaster yet so maybe that will change.

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I didn't get a chance to ride everything but this is how they ranked:


1. X2 - ranking 10 out of 10-my new favorite. Excellent airtime, unlike anything I have ever experienced. The whole time was an absolute blast!


2. Ninja- ranking 9.0 out of 10- I can't decide whether I like this or Flight Deck better. I like the color scheme way better as well as the theme better (I am sure though that the original Top Gun theme would have helped make the difference for Flight Deck), but I preferred that the initial turn and drop of the Flight Deck. Great ride and no significant line. Feels very out of control in a good way.


3. Viper- ranking 8.5 out of 10- I like this ride, just not as well as I liked Vortex largely because the Vortex's first drop is loaded with Air Time and seems to have less wasted portions. The Viper is a great lesson that taller and more inversion doesn't make the ride automatically better, but it does rank very well in my personal list. I loved the launching feeling after going up the incline after the 3rd loop. It ranks better for certain the SFSTL's Ninja (which I do like) and better than Corkscrew (CP). I can't remember Orient Express (WoF)well enough to compare.


4. Colossus-8.0 out of 10-Going up the lift hill, I told my brother "this ride looks like it should be condemned" thinking it was going to be a repeat of Mean Steak. Boy was I wrong. This ride was actually a lot of fun. It was a bit abrupt in transfer, drops, and inclines, but it had good air time. The Morgan Trains look a bit funny and could have used more padding but were actually comfortable.


5. Riddler's Revenge- 7.0 out of 10-Beyond superior to Mantis. Although it boxed my ears a few times, including the initial pulling down on the restraint, it was forceful and worthwhile. The theming was excellent.


6. Apocalypse- 6.5 out of 10-Another GCI that really lacks airtime. Colossus felt smoother. The Prowler (WoF) is a much better GCI woodie. About the same as American Thunder.


7. Scream-A far cry from Superman: Krypton Coaster (SFFT). This is completely forceless. You feel about as much riding this as you see in watching a POV video.


8. Batman (I didn't get a chance but I have ridden 3 Batmans and know how they ride).


9. Goliath-6.0 out of 10-I remember the Titan (SFOT) having more airtime than this, to the point that the gray out happened before the helix; whereas, this coaster the gray out happened on the helix. I prefer all other hypers I have been on (Magnum

XL-200, Titan, Diamondback, Mamba) to this one.


10. Gold Rusher-6.0 out of 10-this coaster needs some work. The trains are in terrible shape. The restraint wiggles and it looks like the rest of the trains are falling apart. Aside from this, a good ride for what it is.


11. Tatsu-5.5 out of 10-This coaster isn't for me. The pretzel loop put all the forces on my head and gave me a headache and the leg restaints started to give me leg cramps in the middle of the ride. I did like however the soft restraints and the rest of it was fun.


12. Revolution-3.0 out of 10-The moment I put the restraints on, I knew I was in trouble. The OTSR ends on my rib cage and the lap bar stops too high into my stomach. Even without the pain, the Shockwave is a much better coaster. Having said this, I will take this over Mantis, Boomerangs, or the next one.


13. Green Lantern-1.0 out of 10-I thought I was going to love this due to loving X2 and having loved other Intamins (Maverick and Millennium Force). They paired my brother and I (weighing 190 and 175 respectively) up with people whom were obese. When the train leaned lifting us up in the air before the ride began, I knew we were in trouble. This is why I don't like coasters like this and Pandemonium whose experience is based on weight distribution. If the ride is balanced they can be fun, if not they are a nightmare.

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I've been to the park many times but just got on Full Throttle for the first time yesterday. My rankings:


1. X2 - Unlike any other roller coaster I've ever been on and I love bringing friends who have never been on it before and seeing their reactions during and after the ride. I've never had a bad ride on it and the whole ride is thrilling from beginning to end.


2. Full Throttle - A very pleasant surprise. Even though it was short, the entire ride was thrilling and unique! I especially loved the hang time on the loop.


3. Goliath - I enjoy the first half of the ride, but once it hits the breaks midway through, the fun is over. It needs more airtime hills and I wish the initial drop was a little steeper.


4. Tatsu - Not a huge fan of flying coasters as I don't find them very comfortable nor do I get the "flying" feeling. However, I do like the layout of the ride and the pretzel loop's intensity is pretty crazy.


5. Apocalypse - It's a pretty good wooden coaster, and the first drop is great in the back. However, the lap bars annoy me really badly, because it constantly is trying to push down on you so you can't really have it a bit loose, and by the end of the ride, it's always painfully tighter on me.


6. Superman - I think this ride was a big improvement having it run backwards but still not very thrilling for 100mph and over 300ft tall. Also, the sound it makes is atrocious. I have to plug my ears every time it goes by while underneath it. xD


7. Green Lantern - This ride is different every time. Sometimes it's tons of fun and others it's just plain awful. It makes it a bit scary because you never know what you're gonna get.


8. Batman - A very intense inverted coaster but I only like riding it in the very front so I can actually see what's happening.


Everything else is either boring or painful to me.

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