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This is what they should build in the 20K lagoon at WDW.


The ride mechanism of Men in Black, but with a Bambi theme.


Decide for yourself whether Bambi's mother scores positive or negative...


Oh, and hand out softballs on "its a small world. "

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Okay, this is just what I thought of:

The Snowboarding Coaster

The trains are stand up except you don't stand forward you stand facing the side (essentially looking at the airgates). Each carridge holds 4 people 2 on each side.

There is a track below you and above you so its both inverted and not. Basically you go around like a normal coaster then it reaches a 'jump' and the track below you ends and its only the track above you holding you as you fly over a crevasse so its like you are on a jump.

Hope that made sense.

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Beta That is a sweet idea. Edmund Fitzgerald: Ultimate Escape!

Exxon Valdez:The Ride.


BurritoKing: Pokemon would work, but imagine the jokes around or about it. All the cars that make up each trains look like , well, balls. The theming would be easy. You have animitronic hands to try to, uhhhh, catch the balls. It would be best as a reverse-launch coaster. It could have hands pull it up the reverse lift and send it flying.

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Here's one I've been thinking of for the past year or two. A combination coaster. I mean, sit-down, floorless AND stand-up! How would this work you say? Well, there would be sensors all around the track at which the train morfs into another type of train. You would start out sit-down of course and then start to go up the lift hill. Then you would go down into an inversion, and during the inversion, you would pass a sensor in which your train turns into a floorless train! Then you would do some other junk, and pass another sensor changing your train into a stand-up train! Then you'd do some other stuff, change back into a sit-down, and return to the station. It'd be awesome!


I've also thought of a coaster that would be like 5 different tracks in one! The station would be located high in the air, with the bottom kind of like a bubble. After each ride, the different connection track pieces would move, and you would be directed to a certain type of track. There could also be multiple trains operating at once! Of course, it would cost multi-trillion dollars, and take up a heck of a lot of space, but it would be worth it.


--Davon "it would be so cool if these ideas would become a reality" Dorsey

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How about a 'Tower of Terror' style ride where the riders are inverted or spun around during the drop. That would be pretty scary!

You stole my flipping while spinning on a spinning tower drop ride!

I will get you for that!

Kevin"Quit stealing my ideas Razoredge!"Bujold

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Ok I have been thinking about this for a while and its something that could be built except for the HUGE problem of cash. I estimate that it would be 150 to 200 million to build the whole thing. So in the end Disney is the only company that could do it yet I could never see this putting a ride like this into the park.


First it would be an Indy theme. Its based off the mine cars from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It would be a set of several wooden coasters that would run through tunnels each others track etc. All the trains would be either LIM motor driven or using tires similar to the Hulk so there is no need for lift hills. The ride would also travel through several show rooms complete with fire effects animatronics etc. The trains brakes and LIM's would be computer controlled to create near miss events and to time trains so they go through show rooms at the same time. Although all the trains should visit there own unique show rooms so that with 4 seperate tracks you would have to ride all 4 trains to see everything plus even then a well done ride would have random events so it seems differant every time. Sometimes maybe a rooms lights would not be on at all and the effects would not be running where the next train everything is going with fire pots etc.


The problems here are that your going to end up with around 4 or 5 seperate tracks each being a full wooden coaster thats going to require a lot of maintence. It would also run best with only 2 cars per a train so pretty much the most you are going to get is 8 people per a train for the best effect. The show building or buildings are going to end up needing to be huge and would end up being the largest structure at the parks. On the good side it would not actually have to be that fast of a ride you would create that effect by being in a tight space it would only end up being around 30 to 40 miles an hour at the fastest. Also a good thing is with 4 seperate tracks you can shut down one track or two tracks for maintence while the rest of the ride operates.

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Ive always wanted to ride a coaster Prefrebly a mine train that has a gorge and one piece of track on one side and one on another and it jumpj from one side to another but i dont want a Final destination 3 Style thing to happen i dont want to loose my head on a coaster or get stalled in a loop like that


but loosing other cars and wheels would be coaster hevan for me

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I've been toying with a "Splitting B+M" for a while. My idea is to have the Dive-Machine-wide cars be floorless, and run on two tracks. Normally, the two trains are linked together, but at one point, the connection breaks and the tracks diverge. the two trains go through a dueling layout, link together, and fly through a bunny-hop finale into the shared brake run. B+M wouldn't design this, but I think it could work.

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I would love to see a monorail coaster... with inversions that is...

I mean it would be kinda cool to have an extremely narrow track running under you.


The scary thing is, thats being considered. The fact that monorails are essentially hovering above the track, never touching it, reduces friction by miles and means you can reach fast speeds. I don't know how inversions would work... I suppose if its at a decents speed it would make no difference. However, some cameras screw up around them. Mine can't even handle CA' Screamins launch (LIMs?) its make a strange 'bzzhhzzhHAbhhha' sound...


Hay, the transit train here uses LIMs-we're all used to the wrrrr-wrrrrrrr-wrrrrrroh now.


Back on topic, I like the fishhook design the Stratosphere proposed, except ROCKET LAUNCHED DOWN from the short side.


160 mph?

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An Inverted, Spinning, Vertical, Looping....................Log Flume!!!


But seriously Ive always imagined what it would be like to go on an Inverted coaster with normal train, i.e. you go up the lifthill upside down

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Here's something I thought up. It would sort of be a cross between a coaster and a simulator. The ride vehicle would be on a motion platform that would move in the X, Y, and Z directions (sort of like those cranes that run on tracks mounted on the ceiling of factories, only it can move in all three dimensions)). In addition, the vehicle would also be able to rotate on all three axes. In theory, it would be like a coaster simulator, but instead of just rotating, it would actually move to create "genuine" G-forces. Nearly any ride design could be recreated.



- Could re-create any ride possible

- Could do maneuvers that are not possible on conventional coasters.

- Could be built to any scale, even indoors



- People would debate on over whether it counted as a credit, and if so, how many

- Capacity would not be very high

- Mechanical problems (high G-forces would put stress on the structure). Also there would need to be very powerful motors to allow high speeds.

- What happens when the computer controlling the motion base goes haywire and subjects the rider to extreme G-forces? (maybe some sort of emergency stop and accelerometer device)

- Cost

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