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Alton Towers Or Drayton Manor?

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I have a trip coming up in April with about 14 of my friends and we are planning to do a 2 day park trip...we were thinking of going to Alton Towers for the first day and maybe get a two day ticket where it is cheaper for the 2nd day...or maybe go for one day at Alton Towers and the next day at Drayton Manor


so if anybody can help make my mind up...please help me because i dont wanna pay about the same price for one day at Alton Towers and pay it again the next day at Drayton Manor...would it be worth it?


If you can help...Thanks!



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^^Coasterwise, DM only has 3 (4 if you count powered) coasters. But they do have a couple of other cool rides, such as their "Pirate" ride and the really good Intamin drop ride.


However, AT is a huge park with lots of coasters (8+1 powered, which is pretty good) and lots of walking, even with the cable cars. But, they also have Hex, the gardens, and if you stay there, the incredible hotel.


I would suggest staying with AT for both days to fully enjoy everything at the park.


You can never get enough Nemesis!



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If I had to choose between Drayton Manor or Alton Towers, it would be the 'Towers' everytime...


If you want a change of scenery etc, then do a day at each park.


Apocalypse & Maelstrom are really great rides at Drayton, however Alton Towers beats them with the quality & choice of coasters they have.

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that is kinda giving me of giving me a better idea of what i should do...because i have been to both parks before but i want to get my moneys worth.


I agree there is alot of walking to do in Alton Towers but i guess it is kinda worth it.


I also have to agree...You can never get enough of Nemesis!



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Well, what do you like more? Only coasters ore do you wanne see the more beautifull ride's like madhouse, dark-ride's,....?

If you're only going for the coasters you can do both, one day Alton, one day Drayton. Both parks are nice but Alton Towers is ofcourse the best then.


Shockwave, Apocalyps, G-Force in Drayton Manor a al lot of fun (G-force i don't now, been there in 2004) but the stand-up free-fall & coaster are a lot of fun and you don't have stand-ups in Europe.


Alton Towers has the best madhouse that i've been one, Hex is wonderfull!

Also Duel, the interactive dark-ride is nice.

Then you have a lot of coasters there, Oblivion, Nemesis, Air, Rita, Corkscrew, Spinball... They are verry nice and good, one of the best i've been on.


Have a nice 2 days at the park(s) !

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