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DL Annual Passport: SoCal or Deluxe?


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Hey all, I'm planning to buy my mom an annual passport for her birthday (February 1) and can't decide which one. The Southern California passport gives you 220 pre-selected days and is $149, but blocks out all Saturdays and most of the summer season. The Deluxe passport gives you almost 100 more days (including Saturdays) but it's $229. Do you think the extra bite in my wallet is worth it? Thanks.

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It really depends on how many times and when she'll want to go the most. My parents live in Florida and can go pretty much whenever they want so I got them the one with blackout dates to WDW so they go when it's not busy.


Would your mom want to go when it's really crowded on a Saturday in the summer anyways?

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Thanks for the feedback. I ended up buying a Deluxe for both my parents. I figured this would be the better buy because my mom doesn't drive, so she'll need my dad to take her, and he works during the week. They both went five times last year (without a pass ) so if they continue the same trend this year it'll pay for itself in less than four visits.

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