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Stealth at Thorpe Park

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^ Remeber that video shows Stealth's first ever ride with the public, it does now go over the top hat faster but not that fast!




It works on the same wave-lenght that Oblivion works, it's so short but soooo sweet, and you are left buzzing like the queen of all bee's when the train hits them brakes!


I didn't think the launch sould be that much different ot Rita's but boy was I wrong, it's immense, I love it!


Front seat is definetly best fot the launch and climb up to the top hat and the descent, but in the front you don't get any air time at all, even on the airtime hill! But you get lots in the back seat, on descent and on the airtime hill!


I'm going to do a mini trip report on this later today, but bare in mind I didn't take that many photo's as my camara can be a video camara so i took lots of mini videos, I'll try and get them posted as well!

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Heres some of my mini videos of Stealth that I took from my camara, the only problem is they don't work on the computer that I'm using but they do work on my computer in my room(that doesn't have the internet) So please let ne know if they work or not!


I only get sound on this computer, but I get everything 110% on my computer in my room!


Stealth 3.zip

Stealth 2.zip

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I Finally got this credit on sunday and one word to sum it all up...


the Launch was incrediblely intence

and you were at the top of the tophat before you realised you were going up and the camel back pulled great airtime..


10/10 from me

just to short..

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I've been on all the American accelerator coasters but unfortunately have not yet been able to go on Stealth. I can say that it has the best element of my favorite accelerator (top hat) and it looks like a lot of fun with some added airtime at the end.

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