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That would be right. The accident occured almost 2 years ago, I believe.


My wife, who is indeed Japanese, says that 2 were seriously injured from the fall. The car was stuck at 27 meters, when they were evacuating it. Power was suddenly regained, and the car started dropping down. I guess their knockoff tower doesn't have an E-stop?




...and sad.


BUT, nobody died.

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Scary is right! That's one evac gone horibly wrong!


It's definitely Japanese. My wife says that the park name isn't given, only descriptions of "scary roller coaster ride."


If it took place in Japan, I know one park here that had an accident involving a drop or shot tower. Space World in Kitakyushu. If this in fact is the park where it happened, I can definitely understand why the ride would never reopen based on the mentality of other rides here that have had accidents. From the angles shown it is possible as no other rides are visible and SW's tower is definitely isolated in the park. I wonder...

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I'm pretty sure this incident happened at least a year ago, most likely longer. I seem to recall it happening in China or some other developing nation, and the tower in question, while it appears to be a Huss, is probably a knockoff.


If it's the case I'm thinking of, it seems to be a case of a ride that may not have been built to the major companies' manufacturing standards, along with a poorly executed evacuation. (Nobody locked out the ride? They didn't think to immobilize the ride vehicle in case something were to "give?")


Anyway, those are the fragments of details that I recall.

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It was at a Japanese fair. The ride had got stuck and and power was still on (I think) when the cherrypickers went up. As they were in the process of going to unlock the restraints the gondola thingy because unstuck and slid down tipping the bucket thing over...


Why they weren't wearing safety belts incase they fell was beyond me though. I mean I thought Japan was very safety conscious.

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