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2 balls, Put one in each hand. throw the one in your right to the left in an ark. when the ball reaches the peak throw ball 2 UNDER the 1st So they

both go in an upsidedown U shape. Catch ball 1 in your left hand 1st

and catch ball 2 2nd. repeat but starting from your left hand.



3 balls coming soon.




Tip, Buy beanbags. so they dont rool away and get lost. I got mine from

Game Daze at the mall.

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3 balls!!! okay, put 2 in one hand ( Right) and 1 in the other (left). throw ball 1 from your Right hand to the left. Do the the exchange with the two balls (1 and 2) just like i tought you. now, when ball 2 ( the ball from your left hand Comes to your right hand, throw the last ball in your right hand

to your left and stop. You should have the same thing when you started only backwards.


WHEW!! You should have thrown and cught the balls 3 times. If you did it right.. YOU JUGGLED!!!!!! To keep going, dont stop. just keep the X ( Or we jugglers call it the cascade) going.


If you have any problems, tell me and i will try to fix it.


Great Job!!

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i tried juggling in 7th grade for pe. we used tennis balls and it was so hard. i kept getting mad and throwing them as hard as i could on the ground. a few weeeks later we had a juggling test, and failed it. i just couldnt get it.


anyway, can you post a video or something of you juggling? i would like to see you!

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