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Favorite Disney Park

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I'm probably in a very small minority, but DCA has actually jumped into the top one or two spots of my list after the remake. World of Color, Cars Land, and Buena Vista Street are three of my favorite things in any US Disney park, and they're all in one place!


I might be slightly biased though, because when I go there it's with my best friend - who I met there and who lives there, 3000 miles from me. But my experiences at DCA last month were absolutely amazing!

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I've only been to four Disney parks, so this list is likely to change in the future. Hopefully nothing else becomes last place, however.


1. Disneyland-The original and one of my favorite parks period. Even though I visit at least half a dozen times per year, I've never gotten tired of this park. Many of the attractions are among the best of their type, and this park has more unique attractions than most of the Magic Kingdom parks.


2. Disney California Adventure Park-It's a lot better after the refurbishment, but I still feel it just doesn't have enough to do. I've never been able to spend more than four hours here without running out of attractions I care about, and even with Cars Land I still wouldn't recommend devoting a full day to this park except at the most crowded times.


3. Disneyland Paris-It's not quite as good as California's Disneyland, but I still enjoyed this park. I found very few of the problems that are commonly mentioned (slow operations, bad cast members, etc.). I really enjoyed the alternate versions of many attractions that were present at this park, as most of the attractions are similar but not identical to those found elsewhere. I do hope they add some of the newer attractions, however, as this park did feel like it was stuck in the 90s.


4. Walt Disney Studios Paris-This is by far the worst Disney Park I've been to. There are very few attractions, and most of what they have is overrated and low capacity. In addition, the theming looks cheap and tacky, almost like the original California Adventure theming. I will say, however, that even though this is my least favorite Disney park it is still in the upper 1/3rd of parks I've been to (just not in the top 15% like the other Disney parks) and I'd definitely go back when returning to Disneyland Paris (like DCA, I'd just never spend a full day here).

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Color me confused. I've only been to the California parks (albeit dozens of times), and yet I can't pick a favorite.


Disneyland Park is great. The atmosphere is lush and welcoming with epic area music. There are delicious churros that I can eat while sipping hot cocoa and watching the fireworks. Internal and external barriers keep us from seeing other lands except for when it's appropriate to the storytelling. Each individual land is immersive and beautiful (my favorite is Tomorrowland); plus, everything just seems nostalgic and...well, Disneyland is Disneyland.


DCA...Am I the only person who didn't mind the original theming? Granted, I was young when I first went, but being a theme park that I visited young and frequently, the surroundings became familiar. I remember eating frozen lemonade and clam chowder, my first rides on California Screamin', ToT, the Maliboomer, and all those rides...


Both parks have always been favorites.

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I've been to all the US Disney Parks multiple times. My favorite would have to be Disneyland I guess. I have yet to go to DCA since the update, but will in just about a week.


Disneyland just seems to have the best attractions and Fantasmic is always amazing there.


Disney World just seemed underwhelming on my last trip. MK always does since I really do like Disneyland better in direct comparison, but the other parks did as well. Even MGM which was my favorite for a while. I just don't care for the small number of unique major attractions at each of the parks and having been there before many of the other ones are passable (I didn't watch a single circle vision!!!!).


Disneyland has Indy, Roger Rabbit. Matterhorn, Thunder, Space, Star Tours, Buzz, Pirates, Splash among all the other things. While smaller than Disney World it is better value.

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I have to admit that I have grown to appreciate all the Disney parks over the last 5 years or so. ...even EPCOT. Of the six US Disney parks I've been to, this would be my order of preference...


1. Disneyland- The better Space Mnt. and POTC, not to mention Indy too. ...need I say more.

2. Magic Kingdom- While slightly below Disneyland as my favorite, it's still in my top 5 favorite parks overall.

3. DCA- Cars land now puts this slightly ahead of DHS, even if Florida does have the better TOT.

4. DHS- Still needs another E-ticket.

5. DAK- The new Avatar land will be a much needed addition.

6. EPCOT- While last on this list, I still like the park a lot.

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I've only been to the West Coast parks, but it's tough to pick between the two.


DL has more to do, and Splash Mountain, Star Tours, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion and POTC are all world class. Plus there's some really neat smaller rides like Roger Rabbit and Peter Pan. And Fantasmic! and the nightly fireworks are arguably the best outdoor shows anywhere.


However DCA has the edge in terms of indoor shows - Aladdin, Muppet Vision and It's Tough to be a Bug! are really cool, and Turtle Talk wows me every time. California Screamin' is the best coaster at either park, Tower of Terror is awesome and the rapids ride is also superb. Add to that Toy Story Midway Mania and Soarin', as well as World of Color and I'm pretty much even.


So for now I'll say Disneyland first then DCA. However, last time I went Cars Land was still under construction, and I've got the feeling that it'll give CA the edge when I go back next year.

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Haven't been to the Asian parks, but of all of the others, my list would be:


1) Disneyland: The original, and my favorite. Been to it most, so I may be a little biased, but I always have a great time there.


2) EPCOT: Fun lands to explore and a huge open layout. Lacking a bit on rides, but there are plenty of other attractions and exhibits to keep you busy.(Plus fantastic food!)


3) Disneyland Paris: I really enjoyed this place. It's been a while, and I forget some of the details, but the landscaping was great and I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Was too little to notice any details like efficiency, employee attitude, etc.


4) Disney's Hollywood Studios, FL: Was a really fun park with a lot of great attractions and shows, but still feels like it's missing one or two attractions.


5) Disney's California Adventure: Fun park that's still expanding (haven't seen Cars Land or Buena Vista Street yet). Although the new additions definitely add more to see, the theming still seems disconnected in areas. Still it's a park we always visit when we go to the resort.


6) Magic Kingdom: Still a fun park, but my only visit was a bit of a let down. Everything was much bigger than Disneyland, including the crowds. Certain areas didn't feel as complete to me, and Fantasyland was hot, the area looked kind of tacky, and was lacking in shade (It's good that it's being remodeled). However, the crowds and weather may have influenced my dislike, so I still have mixed feelings about it.


7) Animal Kingdom: Definitely one of the biggest disappointments for me at WDW. Expedition Everest was great, and a lot of the animal exhibits were neat to explore, but the Dino-land area wasn't up to the Disney standard most of the other parks follow.


8) Walt Disney Studios, FR: Worst Disney park, easily. Visited before ToT and the Toy Story areas were added, so the park in general was a huge letdown. Very little to do, and we had finished everything we had wanted to see in about 3 hours.

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That has to be Disneyland Paris. I like the atmosphere and it`s perfectly integrated in the lower climate. Still it feels like summer everytime. Second has to be the Magic Kingdom but the castle was a bit of a letdown, I liked the Paris version more, kinda gave me a bigger feeling.

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I've been to six of the Disney parks zo far, DLRP & WDW


My favorite has to be Disneyland Paris. Just because it's a overall better park then his WDW counterpart. I know that MK is bigger and has more rides, the only thing better in MK is that is has Splash Mountain, everything else is just really forced in there.


ps: Space Mountain was closed during my visit to MK.


But i have to say as an overall resort WDW is way better than DLRP!


so that makes it:


1. Disneyland Paris

2. Magic Kingdom

3. Animal Kingdom

4. Disney Hollywood Studio's

5. Epcot

6. Walt Disney Studio's

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I have been to all the US Disney parks. I don't necessarily want to post in the poll because I have not been to all of them.


#1. Disneyland: My favorite theme park in the world. I have reached fanboy status and there are few things I don't love about Disneyland. I also go about 55 times a year.


#2. Epcot: This is by far my favorite of the Florida (Disney) parks. The food is the best in the world, quite a few of the attractions are very unique and the creativity of this park exceeds most any other. It really does feel like the perfect combination of museum and theme park and it really is done brilliantly. If I wasn't a Socal Local than this would maybe be my favorite... but I LOVE this place.


#3. The Studios: Technically I like DAK better in terms of a theme park but this gets third because of ToT. The second best attraction I have ever ridden after Spidey and the best Disney attraction in the United States. The best drop ride in the world as well as being far superior to any other version. RnR is great as well as was lunch at the Brown Derby. Fantasmic here is lacking when compared to the West Coast Veesion.


#4. Animal Kingdom: This park would be my #1 if there was more to do probably. It's just so beautiful and so well themed and it really does feel like you are in the Jungle. EE is tied for my favorite coaster at WDW and is VERY well themed and well done as is pretty much everything besides Dino-rama but there is not quite enough to do for this to be up there.


#5. Magic Kingdom: I like the castle... that's the only thing better than Disneyland. In fact this park is Disney minus two of my favorite attractions... The Matterhorn and Indy. They also have a horrible representation of pirates(the que was nice though) and even though there mansion was cool I would say it only(maybe) slightly edges out the Disneyland version. I don't like this park very much. Also for my visit space mountain was closed so there was VERY little to do.

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Favourite Disney Park, soon to have a new port of call, too...


New port of call, opening here at TDS in a few years' time. Could it be Frozen's port of Arendelle? (o;

(Taken on the TPR 2013 Japan Tour.)

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