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What is your favorite TV-series?


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Saturday Night Live - It has seen much better years, but there are still good sketches frequently.




Robot Chicken


Chappelle's Show (sometimes)

Daily Show+Colbert Report


Now I do abhor The O.C., (nothing personaly to anyone), but I did find this ridiculously hilarious, and anyone who saw the season ender where the guy gets shot will love it.



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Speaking of "That 70's Show", I happened to be just watching it, and heard the most applicable TPR line ever (Season 4 Ep. 24 Everybody Loves Casey http://www.tv.com/that-70s-show/everybody-loves-casey/episode/152218/summary.html?tag=ep_list;ep_title;26):


Kelso [speaking about something he read in Cosmopolitan]: "They have these charts of the female anatomy...there's some crazy stuff going on down there...it's like a map of Six Flags!"



Then, at the end, as the four dudes are browsing Cosmopolitan, Fez suddenly looks down pointing: Six Flags!

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^ Gah, you loser, you made me watch the riches and now you say it sucks after i complain and you defend it?


I watch Shear Genious on bravo when its on... I basically watch wahtever competition show is on bravo. Usually because they rerun them so often you're gaurunteed to see every episode.

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