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What is your favorite TV-series?


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^ It's going to be really fascinating how things go, with Q back, after .... how many decades?

I think The Quote went something like ..... "The trial never ends, Jean Luc."

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Not our absolute fave, but ..... wish there was more seasons of Doom Patrol. We loved the craziness of it.

And all the characters were impressive enough, to keep track of them all. Even when they went into Backstories, etc.

And especially ....... <sighs> ..... Danny The Street. What a cool, totally unusual, "LIVE Character" in the series! Loved DtS.


Also, we're very much looking forward to the new 3rd season of The Umbrella Academy, now with Elliot Page in it.

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^ Doom Patrol is worth getting into, and paying attention to, for some really great scenes. And situations. And each other, heh.

And by the way .... the brand new season (#3) of Umbrella Academy debuts in June, on Netflix.

Which also brought up "the question" in my mind. What are they going to do, in dealing with Elliot's new ..... being?

Or they might jus BS something, and everybody just goes along with it, and life goes on at The Academy, lol.



SPOILER ALERT!!! Remember how Season 2 ended? Elliot "could be" in that other group of students, who also have powers, etc.

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My mom and I watched a quick news clip just a while ago on YouTube about that.

Doesn't look like there's a spoiler tag/code on here, so will just link to THIS ARTICLE and say that it could possibly be considered spoiler-y depending on an individual's personal line for what they consider spoilers.

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SO many but here are my favorites right now:

HBO Max seems to have a lot of them:

  1. Somebody Somewhere 
  2. The Other Two
  3. Hacks
  4. Minx
  5. The Gilded Age

Shows I watch whenever I need a smile

  1. Schitt's Creek
  2. The Goldbergs
  3. Seinfeld
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I just realized, that one of our All Time Fave Series, was this cable show called BROTHERS.

Three brothers living close, keeping in check with other, one of whom, is gay and out.

That brother's neighbor is a raging sweetie of a queer I forget his name! Sorry, don't hate.

But the penultimate episode in one of it's seasons, was the one where his father (Robert Stack of all actors!) was dying of cancer, and he sneaked into the hospital dressed (natch) as a female nurse, in heels with the thing on the head, and all. They hadn't spoken in years, till then. It was one of The Most Touching Episodes we'd ever seen on tv. Worthy of EMMY nominations all round. I think it kinda ran for just a few seasons. It and SOAP are the definite 2 we'd love to get DVDs of all the seasons.


Found a shot of the entire cast at the time! What a great cast they were!

And Brandon Maggart was an especially wonderful  str8 Bear Bro to his other bros.

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^ Another series that bears mentioning, is The Neighbors, which is basically about a non-alien family. moving into a total Alien cul-de-sac, that has famiies including the Grand Leader and his family right next door to the ... ..... other neighbors. Ran for two years. Awesome stuff. Available Season #1 online, but #2 might not be available. Which is a silly shame since they DO have Season #1 out,right, I mean RIGHT!??? <anyway> it's another keeper I'd advise to look for.


What you can buy, out there.


"Balle Balle" One of the most entertaining episodes of this series. It - Was - Surreal!!! All great!

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