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What is your favorite TV-series?


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Some TV Shows that I enjoy


South Park

Robot Chicken

The Simpsons


The Twighlight Zone

Family Guy (Seasons 1-5 only)

Malcolm in the Middle


Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t



Black Books

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How do you guys think about the new shows? Is your favorite show coming back this year?


I think I will like Gotham, Modern Family is just a few days away from returning! Can't wait!


Gotham featured many villains which I'm most curious about Penguin. I'm not sure the guy in the comedy club was the Joker, was he? Looking forward to seeing where this show goes, but how do you miss a girl dressed up like a cat on your gate entrance pillars? Perhaps we'll see next week.

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^ The Joker is working for the police! Name is Enigma, right?

Was the guy always asking a question, instead of giving info.

And the guy in the comedy audition has potential future, though

I am not sure as who, lol.


We also correctly assumed, the guy a/k/a Penguin wasn't going

to die that quickly. He has to come back as Penguin!

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Just watched the new episodes of Modern Family and The Goldbergs.


I don't think Modern Family's first episode of season 6 is good enough for such an Emmy winner. Where is the hilarious show on first season? I really wish Modern Family can pick up the power of the first season and the last few episodes of season 5. Maybe I'm asking for too much because it is my all time favorite show for 4 years.


Goldbergs is pretty good, I love Beverly Goldberg, she's so funny and I can totally see some shadow of her on my mom (of course not that crazy) My family love this show a lot and we had a great time watching it together.

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My two all time favourite TV series were Breaking Bad and The Wire. Sadly, neither is still on the air. However, I do have both entire series on DVD/Blu-Ray...so good times.


For stuff that's still on, I enjoy:

- Bob's Burgers

- South Park

- Doctor Who

- The Simpsons (ok...mainly old Simpsons, not newer ones)

- The Daily Show

- The Colbert Report

- @midnight

- Tosh.0


My guilty pleasure is also The Soup. I don't know why I love that show, I just do.

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The Walking Dead: I love how this series takes advantage of its apocalyptic settings as a catalyst for what would normally be ordinary people to express their true colors. Good use of suspense both with and without zombies, memorable characters, and a plot that always keeps you guessing; I cannot wait for the Season 5 premier tonight!


Breaking Bad: I only got into this show after AMC began airing every single episode a few months ago, and ever since then, I was absolutely sucked in! It's a very intelligent show, and it treats its audience as intelligent people. Given the elaborate, and often times, creative methods used by the characters to keep their secrets, it's really fun watching how every single situation affects different parts of the plot as the series progressed. Great characters, great writing, great camera work, and great action; it's my new favorite show and I wish I could have caught the series in its original run.


The Legend of Korra: Season 1 was pretty good, and Season 2 was mediocre, but Season 3 has me convinced that this is absolutely the best animated series that is (sort of) on TV now. The world these characters live in is so immersive and beautiful, but so complex with its mix of politics and the supernatural. Despite being marketed to kids, it's very adult in many of its themes, and I don't think there's a "kids" show on air right now that isn't afraid to show characters die on screen. Fantastic series, it's a shame the way Nickelodeon is handling it.


Red vs. Blue: Kind of cheating here as this is an online series, but it has come a long way from being a goofy machinima series to the phenomenon it is today. I love how far each of the characters have come, love how the style shifts from season to season, love the newer drama incorporated, and most importantly, love that it's still absolutely hilarious.

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I'm really getting into Master Chef, Junior Edition.


I like it because the kids do not back stab each other and they make some truly amazing dishes.


We wanted to start taping this show too, from what we saw of the tv commercials on it. But somehow,

we ended up getting the UK version taped. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed this version, as the kids are so polite

to the chefs AND to each other. And those cute accents as well.


And like you said Bob, these kids as well, really come up with some wonderful dishes and meals.

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