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What is your favorite TV-series?


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Leverage is officially my new addiction. Such a great show, not to mention the show's creators are huge Doctor Who fans. It's a shame most episodes follow the same formula and the show run is done. I'd love for them to have another season or movie.


Shows I'm watching at the moment

- Walking Dead (season 2 right now. I've got a lot of catching up to do)

- Futurama

- Big Bang Theory

- Firefly (just finished it. Can't wait to watch Serenity)

- One Piece

- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

- Sherlock (finished)

- Doctor Who 2005 (finished)

- Legend of Korra (finished)


Shows I catch whenever I can

- Modern Family

- Family Guy

- American Dad

- Bleach


I know there's a LOT of TV shows I'm leaving out and a LOT of shows I need to follow.

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We've been watching this one season of Master Chef Canada, and its fascinating to watch how fast these

chefs pull together really amazing cuisine, in (usually) under two hours..... or less. And some of the results look

sooooo good. And taste excellent, from the mouths of the judges, on some.

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I started watching Game of Thrones last week when Comcast had it for free On Demand. Big mistake! Only a few episodes in and I fell in love with the series. Unfortunately, I wasn't even able to finish season 1 before the free period ended, and now I'm stuck without any way to watch it. Time to order it on Amazon.

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I start to feel that Modern Family is the only show I kept loving for years. The shows I watch changes a lot but I never get tired of Modern Family. Rules of Engagement and Sex and the City are included as well.


I'm really not a fan of Arrow because the story is way too ridiculous. But I just can't stop watching it every week hoping something better comes up.

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Just watched the first episode of the new series




Very intense pilot, and some nice freeky plot twists, too.

And when that poor possessed girl was sent 'looking' for the witch...



Lead actor is like other recent scruffy hotties, i.e Hook (OUaT), Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow).


And this one looks like an older darker version of Bo Dice, formerly of American Idol fame!


I enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to more


Lead in SALEM looks like this guy - only older - and much darker.

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^^ Really. That was a very funny episode for MF. Especially those young rascals, lol








^ Yeah, I mean WTF! And practically everybody

is finding out about who Arrow is, now. In hindsight,

if one of them was going to be killed, the mother

was definitely it, to go. But by sword. Nice touch, Slade.


I smell a shark jumping, coming up soon.

And I am hoping otherwise, for a good twist up.

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Favorite shows in order from greatest to least:


1. Family Guy (Fox)

2. South Park (Comedy Central)

3. The Boondocks (Adult Swim)

4. Archer (FX)

5. Key & Peele (Comedy Central)

6. Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey (Fox)

7. Blue Exorcist (Toonami)

8. Tosh.O (Comedy Central)

9. American Dad! (Fox)

10. Robot Chicken (Adult Swim)

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