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What is your favorite TV-series?


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^ The Newsroom was a complete surprise for me. I caught the priemere by accident and had heard nothing before hand about the show. I fell in love with it. Great show! But I really wouldn't expect much less from the man who brought us The West Wing, one of my all time favorite shows.


My current tv line up is rather thin until the fall show season picks up. The only real show I'm following at the moment is Face Off on Syfy. While I normally hate reality shows, it's pretty awesome to see behind the scenes of how fx makeup works, and to see the contestants create the characters they do in such a short amount of time.

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Most of the shows I watch now are on cable, I agree with those of you above who mentioned Newsroom. Absolutely fantastic.


Other current favorites include Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Falling Skies, CSI (the original has returned to greatness!!!), Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation.


There have been a few shows that I've kind of given up on like Survivor, The Middle, The Office are among those.


I've actually found myself going back and watching older shows on Netflix Instant like Alias. The show was so amazing and has held up incredibly well.

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Favourite "of all time" would probably be Fawlty Towers, then a toss-up between Frasier, Seinfeld and Scrubs. House, Black Books and 24 polling strongly as well.


But in terms of shows currently in production:






2. Parks and Recreation

3. Game of Thrones

4. Boardwalk Empire

5. 30 Rock

6. How I Met Your Mother

7. CSI

8. Survivor

9. South Park

10. QI

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Warehouse 13! Family Guy, Eureka (first couple seasons), Project Runway, Top Chef,

Older shows: ER (earlier ones), Roseanne, CSI (Vegas), Law & Order (& Criminal Intent), Dead Like Me, Charmed.


Interesting, there are so many to choose from. Go way back (set the wayback machine) Lou Grant, Quincy M.E., Emergency, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, Flamingo Road, Remmington Steele....the shows some of us grew up with.

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All time favorites:


-The Wire. The ambitious scope, great dialog, and excellent characters make this my favorite dramatic series. I can't really do it justice with anything I say.

-Beavis and Butthead. This juvenile show never gets less funny to me. I appreciate that Mike Judge revived the show to rip on Twilight and Jersey Shore.

-Arrested Development. So much comedy crammed into so little screen time.

-Molto Mario. The best stand and stir cooking show if you want to learn something.

-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. So far ahead of other travel shows it's not even funny.


Though I'll watch a lot of other random dumb stuff provided it doesn't have a laugh track. There are also a lot of big shows that I haven't seen that I imagine I'd like.

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LOST is my all-time favorite and I'm currently going back through it again with rolercstrluvr


Shows I've recently been getting into:

--Walking Dead

--Revolution (both of the above are on sabbatical until the spring! Aghh!)

--American Horror Story: Asylum (I keep missing episodes but I really want to watch the first season when I can and catch up with what I've missed in the recent season)

--Breaking Bad (my roommate has been watching it from the beginning and I've watched a few episodes with her and really like what I've seen! I wouldn't mind getting into this show either!)

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I'm starting to like Love You, Mean It.


Plus Last Nights episode of Whitney was really good. Probably one of the best they've done.


I LOVE Whitney! I watched the first season religiously but than moved and no longer have on demand or DVR so I miss everything now.

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Concluded Series:



Heroes(first 2 seasons)

Arrested Development - Though it's coming back so not really concluded

The O.C. (Guilty pleasure)


Terra Nova


Current Series:

Sherlock (BBC)


Last Resort (though it's been cancelled)


The X-Factor

Family Guy

American Dad

Game of Thrones

House of Lies

South Park


Wow... I like a lot of TV.

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