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What is your favorite TV-series?


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I love The Office, Amazing Race, Just For Laughs, The F-Word, and Kitchen Nightmares. No, The F-Word is not what your thinking. It's not a 2 am Cinemax show. Its an interesting show with Gordon Ramsey, In Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsey goes around and rips peoples heads off because they have the grossest/crappiest restaurants and then he helps them turn them around.

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United States of Tara is back on March 22nd !

I love the US of Tara. I have also started getting an addiction to the show weeds, and the weird part is I dont even have showtime. I essentially rely on the internet to get my premium fix because my parents will only pay for HBO. I tried to get into True Blood, but with the twilights and stuff I want bloody vampires, not ones that kids like. True Blood is far from a kids show, but the concept of a vampire that does not kill humans ever pisses me off!

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I have already posted how I like 24, Prison Break and other shows.


But right now, I'll just focus on new shows this season. the only one I am ready digging is "Modern Family." One of the best shows I have seen in a while. Just when I thought the family sitcom genre was dead.

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Sorry for bump!


Mission Hill and The Boondocks. If you haven't heard of Mission Hill, go watch it! It's kind of like an intelligent, realistic Family Guy. It's hard to describe.


Honorable Mentions: Spongebob (Hillenburg episodes), Phineas and Ferb, old The Office, Mythbusters, Nitro Circus, and the Rob Drydek shows (Fantasy Factory, & Big)

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I finished watching Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look a little bit ago. Both are fantastic, I really love the pairing of David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Peep Show is a dark, uncomfortable, but funny show (especially the last season), and That Mitchell and Webb Look is, in my opinion, the best sketch show on TV right now (just a bit ahead of Whitest Kids U Know). I'm really looking forward to the next seasons of both.


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My wife and I recently discovered and instantly became addicted to House.


I bought all the seasons on DVD cheap off ebay and now we're watching them in order. We're getting ready to start season 4. The eps are pretty formulaic, but are still fantastic.

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Right now I'm keeping up with House, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. I catch all the Mythbusters episodes as well when I can. 24 was fantastic when it was on and I'm looking forward to a movie adaptation. I have every season of Seinfeld on DVD and could quote it endlessly. Probably the greatest thing I've seen on TV though would have to be the first season of Prison Break. Season 2 was almost as good and while still a good show, it did decline in last couple seasons and it was the right call to end it when they did.

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The only show I've been consistently watching this season is The Apprentice.


Shows I enjoy occasionally, or have enjoyed in the recent past, include:


Criminal Minds

Law & Order

Cold Case

Without a Trace

The Office

The Apprentice



About the crime shows: Criminal Minds is easily my favorite...and I really don't know why I haven't watched CSI lately.

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