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This is going to be fun to harass Jewy and Dan with for a week or two!


You married Robb. We can harass you forever about that one!!! At least We'll only have to worry about a USC football loss once every 3 (or more) years...



Seriously though. It was a hell of a game. It's unfortunate the streak had to end on this note, but at least it was to a worthy team. Texas made us pay for our mistakes and took advantage of some generous calls. Had those not have happened (the dumb mistakes and the generous calls), I have no doubt USC would still have won. Just a little more time on the clock, or a couple more inches on LenDale's run would have done it too. But that's football.


34 straight wins, 2 straight Heismans, back to back national titles, 3 straight pac-10 titles, never losing to the Domers or FUCLA, 3 straight BCS bowl wins, and four straight BCS bowl appearances. That just doesn't happen in modern college football. But USC did it.


BTW Nemmy, Texas beat Michigan in last years Rose Bowl...in case you forgot how much Michigan sucks.



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Yeah Texas!!!! All I have to say is that was a amazing game. One for the books. Funniest was the interview with Leinart at the end of the press rubbing it in his face. Well looks like we got a new first round draft pick if Young chooses to skip his senior year.

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^No, hes not skipping. Couples Reasons:


1. too much to come back for at Texas. He could go for Heisman again, but I think that Quincy will have a better shot.


2. No good teams! The top 6-8 teams that will pick first in the draft all are already heavily invested in their quarterbacks. They would have no reason to select him therefore, he wont go very high in the draft. First round? Yes. Top 5? No.



Hes much better off refining his ways next year and hopefully getting on a better team that can use him effectivly and make him a starter a bit earlier.

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I wonder which thought seems worse to Leinart, losing his final game for USC, or knowing that he will probably be playing for New Orleans next year. :shock:


Regardless, Leinart will be worshipped by the USC faithful for decades to come, what he and his teammates accomplished was a level of play that will be hard to match.

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If he's in it for the Money...he's gone this year. His draft stock will never get any higher than it is right now.


Houston has the top pick in the draft, and while they might have invested heavily in David Carr: the opportunity to draft a home town hero that just led the home town college to a national title doesn't come around very often. He'll put butts in the seats, and that is all that will really matter to the Texans.


Hell, the Texans are a perfect fit for him if he wants to stay a QB at the next level. Their O-line is so terrible, he'll be doing more scrambling than passing. Many other teams will want him as a WR or a TE because his horrible throwing motion and tendencies don't sit well with scouts. His athletic ability is off the charts though.

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